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November 2009

Misunderstanding Wave   by Anthony Lawrence
- There are people who don't understand Google Wave. There are people who don't like Google Wave. There are people who do understand Wave, and people who do like it. Most of those who don't like it just don't understand it, but even a few who do understand still don't like it.
When Samba Pigs Fly   by Anthony Lawrence
- Such confidence had I that immediately after hitting send, I left my house to do some errands and when I realized I had forgotten my phone, I didn't even bother to go back for it: everything is under control, all pigs are fed and ready to fly.
A strangely compromised Linux box   by Anthony Lawrence
- First, there was no attempt to hide any evidence. I could see in wtmp and the secure logs that he had logged in, attained su status, and created a new su user for himself. He then changed root's password.
Google's Go   by Anthony Lawrence
- Well, the names on the Go design team rung a few bells: Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, Ian Taylor, Russ Cox, Jini Kim and Adam Langley. Yes, THAT Rob Pike, THat Ken Thompson.
The Art of SEO   by Anthony Lawrence
- I hope this book helps put an end to ridiculously priced SEO "courses". It could also help eliminate some of the shadier practitioners of SEO, but I'd be happy if it just helps a few people avoid wasting money on nonsense.
Fear and Loathing of Chrome OS?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Yesterday I wrote a post about Chrome OS . My purpose today is to discuss some comments which interested me - these were fairly nasty, and I got the impression that there was a very deep dislike at work. I'm not sure whether it was toward Google, Linux, cloud computing or maybe all of that!
New Comment Policy   by Anthony Lawrence
- We've had problems in the past with unruly visitors from the Linux Haters Blog and Something Awful. Recently, we had a few more of this type trying to disrupt the site with inappropriate and argumentative comments.
Friends with Benefits   by Anthony Lawrence
- Aaargh! OK, I'll read the damn thing, I thought. Maybe there's enough fodder here for a scathing review - tear the skin right off the authors and roast them on a spit! That'll teach that publisher not to send me junk when I don't want it. I sat myself down on the couch and started reading.
LiveUSB OpenBSD project at sourceforge   by Girish Venkatachalam
- It is really easy to create a USB bootable OpenBSD LiveUSB image. With that you can do just about anything you want.
Freeing disk space with ">"   by Anthony Lawrence
- I wrote this up after a forum discussion in which several posters didn't really understand why ">" can free disk space when "rm" cannot. The basic problem is that if another process has a file open (for reading or writing, it doesn't matter), the disk blocks are not freed by an "rm" until the process or process using the file quits (or stops using the file, at least). That part seems to be well understood.
Chrome OS on Vmware Fusion   by Anthony Lawrence
- If you've read about Chrome OS, you know that it's basically Linux in a kiosk mode. The only apparent application available to you is the browser. However, that's not really true: a "Ctrl-Alt-T" will open up a terminal window. One there, you'll find that you are really logged in as "chronos" and that you can use "sudo" for anything you need to do as root. (password for "chronos" is "chrome")
Fishing for an unknown device   by Anthony Lawrence
- If you have a DHCP server anywhere in the network, the device will have obtained an IP address. The DHCP server should be able to show you addresses it has passed out. The only problem is recognizing it - if the server doesn't bother to show you when the DHCP lease was acquired, it may not be easy to spot the new addition.
Hylafax 6 on Centos 5   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm doing another SCO to Linux conversion and this one used Vsifax. That's hardly a show stopper, but this customer wanted to use Centos and Vsifax says they don't currently support using Centos. We figured we'd try it anyway (they have a trial version) but I couldn't make it work. It would queue up the faxes, but when it tried to send, it would always fail. So I downloaded a current tar-ball for Hylafax ad did the ./configure as usual.
Awk vs. Perl   by Anthony Lawrence
- As Perl became ubiquitous, I thought of awk like something sticky you'd find under your car seat. Whatever use that thing may have had in the past, it's heading for the trash now. Why on earth would I suffer with awk's limitations and difficult synatx when I have Perl?
Sort -u vs. uniq   by Anthony Lawrence
- I have sometimes seen people use a pipeline that includes "sort | uniq". The result of that is no different than just adding a -u flag to sort and absolutely requires more time and processing power - not that it usually matters; unless the input is humongously long, you'd need to run them through "time" to spot any difference. So why use "uniq"?
Using color in shell scripts (Linux, Mac OS X)   by Anthony Lawrence
- Color is tricky. Displays can be bad at it, people can be color blind... using colors can make text hard to read - I don't like using color in scripts. But, if you insist...