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November 2008

Lung Cancer Fears   by Anthony Lawrence
- My brother-in-law died from lung cancer a few years ago. That's not strictly true: he had a lung operation and died after surgery, but he wasn't in good shape and might have died anyway. He was just five years older than I am.
The Last Time I Climbed a Ladder   by Anthony Lawrence
- From the tone of his voice it was obvious that this was just a little show for the employees. He'll intimidate me to show them that it's not just them that he controls; watch how he shows me who the boss is.
God and Country   by Anthony Lawrence
- So they stamp their feet and whistle and cheer and the show goes on
So are software patents dead or not?   by Anthony Lawrence
- It seems that simple "business methods" are definitely out. Everyone seems to agree on that. What the court murkily said here is that processes must be either tied to a particular machine or must "transform an article"
Quantcast website statistics   by Anthony Lawrence
- If you take a peek at http://www.quantcast.com/aplawrence.com you'll find some statistics about the other people who visit this site. Supposedly visitors here are mostly male (69%, they say), mostly over 35, childless, and make under $60,000 per year.
Vote   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm sixty years old and this is the first election where I will be voting FOR someone rather than voting against the candidate I dislike the most.
Windows death?   by Anthony Lawrence
- So far I have no argument. They then go on to say "In this world, Adobe and Microsoft may be the new OS providers" (though admitting that Apple could be a player also). The envisioned world is what Microsoft is now calling "cloud computing"
Unixware 7.1.0 floppy needed   by RDP
- Does anyone have a 7.1.0 boot disk they can image?
Got root?   by Anthony Lawrence
- "Mac, Linux, BSD open for attack": Kaspersky is yet another in a long running series of predictions that we non-Microsoft folk are in for a rude awakening as soon as those bad-boy virus writers notice us.
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder   by Anthony Lawrence
- REM sleep is the period when you are dreaming. You are
Maybe I don't want to be rich   by Anthony Lawrence
- Like every other lazy slob on this planet, I'd prefer to do less actual work and soak up more passive income from web business.
Business Impact Analysis  by Michael Desrosiers
- A Business Impact Analysis is one of the most critical pieces of an overall Disaster Recovery Plan.
Bad Lawyers   by Anthony Lawrence
- Let me first apologize to the good lawyers out there. I know you exist, just as I know good tech support people exist. I also know that sometimes you may get blamed where you don't deserve censure; we see the same thing in tech support.
Another Filepro Conversion   by Anthony Lawrence
- I got called in for a SCO to Linux Filepro conversion this week. This was supposed to be planned, but the SCO box gave up the ghost unexpectedly, so I found myself getting up at 4:00 AM on Thursday to do this.
E-Junkie Review   by Anthony Lawrence
- You might not notice these if you aren't paying close attention. These things almost always redirect you to the splash page where the actual item is being sold, so you wouldn't necessarily know that E-Junkie is involved unless you looked at the properties of the link. I do that; and I kept seeing "e-junkie.com".
Finally, a new phone!   by Anthony Lawrence
- I wanted to catch a 7:00 AM train so we had set the radio alarm. By chance it went off this morning exactly as the announcer intoned "Good Morning, I'm Bob Oates". I found that amusing for some reason so at least I started the day with a smile.
Hunting the Wiley 404   by Anthony Lawrence
- I hate finding 404's in my web logs. There was a time when my logs were full of them. This was from carelessness and forgetfulness on my part as well as from simple typing mistakes by both me and others.
Power failures and IP addresses   by Anthony Lawrence
- A long time customer called on Thursday. "We had a power failure in part of the building yesterday and now some stuff doesn't work. Can you come down?"
Why I returned the LG CU515 Cell Phone   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've already related how I came to buy this LG CU515 cell phone. I had buyer's remorse almost instantly: I hadn't researched reviews, I hadn't even tried to look at one at the store.. it was really foolish to just blindly order this.
What I want in my next GPS   by Anthony Lawrence
- At You want a GPS I confessed that I bought a GPS unit (a Garmin Nuvi 250) only because we were planning a cross country trip.
Why I'm not buying a High Def TV (yet)   by Anthony Lawrence
- I hate to be a spoil sport, but I do NOT see that "incredible detail". I walk by the displays in BJ's and other stores and I can see that some certainly have better color than others, but detail? They all look the same to me and really they don't seem much better than the TV we have now.
Freebies   by Anthony Lawrence
- Teasers annoy us. We're being played, and we know it. If that were the norm — if there were not so much freely available information — we'd accept it. But the web is chock full of information, so trying to reel us in with a worm on a hook is more apt to tick us off than get us to bite.
The E-Myth Revisited   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've seen this book recommended all over the web. The Amazon reviews are mostly gushing and glowing. I'll give you the link just in case you want it, but I'd suggest saving your money. This is really bad
'Splain this to me?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Seriously, somebody needs to explain this to me. I know I'm hopelessly stupid with regard to Economics (with the capital "E") so please make it somewhere around 7th grade reading level.
Updates to Psst book   by Anthony Lawrence
- What I forgot to do was keep a log of changes and additions. Duh! So if you bought that sometime in November, you should get an email that lets you download the update (free, of course), but I don't have anything that tells you what I changed and what I added! Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Video Gaming and Ethics   by Alex Yannopoulos
- Does the video gaming industry have an ethical obligation to produce less violent and/or addictive content?
Linksys RV042 VPN   by Anthony Lawrence
- Linksys routers can be such fun. Well, OK, maybe I'm a little unfair: all routers can be "fun". But Linksys just has that "I'm cheap and I'm going to mess up your day" smell.