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November 2006

Hardening your perimeter   by Michael Desrosiers
- techniques available to harden or secure your network perimeter.
Plastering your printer   by Anthony Lawrence
- Back in the computer room again. I looked at the printer, it was fairly new: in fact I had installed it not very long ago. It certainly didn't have a worn out feed mechanism and obviously it had just printed several pages. As I thought about that, I became aware that the room seemed humid - much more so than it should have been given the temperature. I then noticed the elephant: a freshly plastered wall. I put my hand on it, it wasn't damp, but it was still fairly cold. The manager had followed me. I turned and asked the obvious: "Was this done recently?". She responded affirmatively.
The Patent Ploy   by Anthony Lawrence
- I think Novell is standing at this altar after having had a long talk with someone holding a shotgun. The language in the agreement about not suing Novell is what makes me think that: I think Microsoft is doing a "divide and conquer" plan and using patents as its tool.
Microsoft Demos with Virtual Machines   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsoft offers several virtual appliances: The problem, of course, is the underlying OS: even if the appliance app was something they'd happily give away, they can't give you the underlying OS that services that app. That's going to continue to hamper any wide spread use of Microsoft virtual appliances. I don't see that there's much they can do about it: I suppose they could try to put out something crippled that they could use as a base, but any attempt like that would seem to let the horses out of the barn and invite abuse by those who would want to piggy-back their own apps on such a platform. The problem seems intractable.
Electronic Fraud   by Anthony Lawrence
- Of course I'd like to think that my anti-Republican vote gets recorded properly. Apparently at a few places around the country that wasn't always the case. Now we all understand that there will always be some level of fraud or attempts in that direction: aside from the normal greed and corruption we always have, many people have extremely strong feelings on certain issues and feel that electing the "wrong" candidate is so dangerous that they are willing to cast aside honesty to prevent such a "mistake".
msie701.exe slows machine   by Bill Mohrhardt
- So, I went to Task Manager, and found msie701.exe sitting there. Funny, I thought, I am a Firefox only kind of guy, so what the $%^& was an msie task doing there. Needless to say, I could not 'End Process" as Access was Denied (Windoze machines are SO secure...), so i went for regedit. I found only one reference to the rogue exe, under a label REG_EXTEND_SZ. I bravely deleted it, and lo and behold, my machine was fast again.
Shim-sham   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is the GPL really that scary?: Call me crazy, but I think people worry way too much about their source code.
SCO 5.0.4 on VMware   by Jonathan Moore
- Another method to install Openserver 5.0.4 on VMWare Server 1.0.1 (requires a 5.0.7 boot disk).
Using Google Channels to test layouts   by Anthony Lawrence
- New Google features enable smarter testing - a little code lets us do even more.
Live Linux CDs   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've booted a few live CD's, but I can't say I've ever really done much with them. I know that there are some specialized recovery and debugging cd's that I probably should take the time to get familiar with, but like so many other things, I just haven't gotten around to it.
Renaming files   by Anthony Lawrence
- The email came from a long time customer: 'I modified a script I got off your site and it isn't working right.
Renaming files   by Anthony Lawrence
- First, I did have a little hint here: I knew this customer had been thinking about buying a Mac. But the reason his files were being clobbered has to do with Mac's HFS+ file system:
Bear with us while we redecorate   by Anthony Lawrence
- Changing page layout at aplawrence.com - I'm no artist, no web designer and am no HTML jockey - but I'll try.
Pseudo Science   by Anthony Lawrence
- Review of 'What the Bleep do we Know?': In essence, this film wants to reconcile science and spirituality. Aside from the utter nonsense you can read about at the Wikipedia article (link above), what always annoys me about the attempts to do this is that in actuality, science is tossed out the window and ignored the moment some supposed link is observed.
More reasons to love Unix/Linux   by Anthony Lawrence
- Changing this websites layouts shows value of Unix philosophy - small tools that work well together.
Posting to Usenet Groups   by Anthony Lawrence
- How to post to newsgroups: It seems that Google Groups has introduced a large number of new Usenet News users. To us old timers, "news" was the only way to have public discussions: early web pages seldom allowed for comments, and the old dial-up bulletin boards hadn't yet transitioned to the web.
Time to turn it around?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is Linux strong enough to stand firm? With all the flap about the Microsoft/Novell patent deal, one question seems to be consistently avoided: just what could Linux be infringing upon?
More on Patents   by Drag Sidious
- Microsoft patents: Well so people understand the extent of the software patent problem I will point out one now-defunct, but famous patent.. The so-called 'Giff' patent.
Controlling disk space with symbolic links   by Anthony Lawrence
- For almost all uses, this is entirely transparent: no scripts need to be modified, no users need to be notified or retrained.
Numbering Lines   by Anthony Lawrence
- Now and then you want to number the lines of a file. You can roll your own script to do that: