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November 2001

Kevin Smith's Netcat  by Kevin Smith
- The original version would read standard in and write it to the network port. The new version also monitors the network port for data being returned. Anything read back from the network port is put out on stdout.
Virus scanning for SCO Openserver  by Kevin Smith
- e-mail virus scanning on an OSR504 system using MMDF as an e-mail gateway to a corporate network. It works off a collection of available tools, some custom code and the SOPHOS anti-virus software
Hacking Linux Exposed : Linux Security Secrets & Solutions 
- Like Hacking Exposed, every subject here is introduced, explained with complete examples, and then suggestions for countermeasures are explained. There are also three interesting case studies presented in the appendices.
Linux|Unix Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning 
- Strangely, there's a review of this at Amazon that complains about the book being too general, not Linux specific. In fact, it is very Linux specific.
Network Printing by Todd Radermacher & Mathew Gast 
- I'll give this a lukewarm endorsement. It's pretty good for what it covers, but it leaves out too much. Perhaps the title should have been "Network printing from the viewpoint of a BSD-centric administrator".
Perl for Web Site Management  
- I wish I had this book back when I first started my web site- it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble.
PPP and DNS Configuration  by Boyd Lynn Gerber
- This is an old article about SCO Unix PPP and is only left here for historical purposes.
Linux|Unix ABI- Using other Unix binaries on Linux  by Brian K. White
- The linux-abi linux-abi.sourceforge.net replaces the former ibcs2 module for providing the ability to run other Unix binaries on Linux.
GPG/PGP Basics 
- Recently someone asked me for a GPG or PGP public key so that they could send some sensitive material to me by email. I understood what they meant, but inwardly I groaned because I've just never had any reason to use public key encryption, and had no idea how to create the key or decrypt what would be sent back to me.