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November 1998

Perl mailsplit.pl splits mail files 
- I read and post mail with Netscape, and divide mail up into different folders. That's easy to do for incoming mail; I just drag it where I want it when I'm done. It should be just as easy for outgoing, but I usually forget to open up 'Sent' to drag stuff out,
Perl idleout 
- An inactivity monior for old SCO unix - NOT useful on Linux or anywhere else and probably not on SCO either!
- This is an old article about configuring ppp on old SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes.
Understanding CIDR 
- Is there any real difference between a network and a subnet? Not really. Any network is a subnet of something larger, so in that sense, the terms are identical. However, you could look at this another way: your network is the addresses which you can subnet. Or, your network is the bits you cannot change because someone else assigned them to you.