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May 2011

SCO Unix OSR5 DHCP   by Anthony Lawrence
- Early SCO Unix had no DHCP capability (it did have DHCP server). That perhaps was somewhat reasonable; these machines were servers and could be expected to have a static IP address. However, as DHCP can do much more than simply provide an IP address, having DHCP would have been advantageous at times.
Linux colors ls ––color command 
- Change default dircolors. Personally, I don't like colors in my shell. I think it would be fine as an option, but to have it as the default offends me and many other old Unix hands.
Perl Date::Manip for date validation   by Anthony Lawrence
- When validating dates, sometimes it's easiest to just let people type whatever they want and have your code try to make sense of it. Of ourse if you can constrain people to specific formats, that's even easier, but that's not always an option - your input may be coming from multiple sources where different rules or expectations are in effect.