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May 2009

One in a Hundred Million   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm reviewing this as a business book even though it was written as an autobiography. It's the true life story of Marion Urichich, a man who by all rights shouldn't be alive today. It's laugh out loud funny in places (I can't get the image out of my mind of this young man trying to pee on his own head after a welding accident!), nearly tragic in others, a little boring in a few (very few) spots but overall it is inspirational and truly fascinating.
Stopping Identity Theft   by Anthony Lawrence
- I am constantly being pitched "Identify Theft Protection" by my credit card company, my bank and of course on TV. When so many people are so anxious to sell me something, I get suspicious. Do I really need this? I didn't think I did, but I wasn't sure.
Don't touch   by Anthony Lawrence
- If someone removes their A/V program or Microsoft Word because they don't understand why they
Windows 7   by Anthony Lawrence
- Yeah, I know that sounds funny, but XP is very much a part of Windows 7. You download Virtual PC and XP from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/default.aspx and install them into Windows 7. With that done, you can install XP applications as you normally would.
Lost Password SCO_OSR5   by BigDumbDinosaur
- A automotive repair client has an IBM T30 laptop that is used to configure the electronic control module (ECM) in BMW automobiles. The custom BMW-developed software runs on OpenServer 5.0.6, the latter which has been configured to launch what appears to be a KDE session as the unit progresses through run mode 2 startup. Evidently this was meant to be a closed system - most likely to prevent theft of the ECM software - as everything possible was done to prevent the user from interfering with the boot process and getting to a shell.
Communication   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had another one of those "telephone game" situations yesterday. You know how it goes: Susan calls her application support person because she needs some particular thing. The app support person tells her that for that thing to happen, some other thing that he can't control must happen first. Susan relays this information to her boss, Mary. Mary calls the system support people and explains what is needed. They in turn realize that it's not something they do, so they call me. What I hear is what Mike at System Support thought Mary told him. What Mike heard is what Mary thought Susan told her. What Susan heard was what her application person told her.
Web Content Filtering   by Anthony Lawrence
- Goofing off on the Internet. The vision of employees wasting valuable time on the web haunts some employers. When I'm asked about preventing such abuse, I always explain that we can certainly record and even control internet access, but my experience has been that it's usually a non-issue.
Google endorses microformats   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google has announced support for Rich Snippets. This is information you add to your web pages using microformats to help Google understand specific data. For example, Google understands vcard tags. I think it's likely that they understood those long before this announcement, but now they have also added hreview for reviews and say that they intend to extend this idea.
The future of Working   by Anthony Lawrence
- In many ways, as depressing as the current work climate may be for many people, at the same time we have incredible opportunities that have never existed before. People talk about "re-inventing" themselves - it has never been more possible to do so than it is today. No, it's not necessarily easy, but technology has made these things POSSIBLE.
Microlite BackupEDGE 2.03   by Anthony Lawrence
- It's not easy to put together a backup and recovery package as complete as BackupEDGE. You can do it, but it will almost certainly cost you more in time and trouble than what BackupEDGE costs to buy.
FairShare content usage   by Anthony Lawrence
- No doubt the scraper sites who plague all of us don't like that idea, but those of us whose content gets scraped would love to see that happen. It's probably unlikely, but there's no harm in trying and there's certainly no harm in being aware of who is stealing your pages. Of course knowing it's yours and proving that you are the original author are two different things, but if this idea ever got any traction I'm sure that could be worked out.
Tough Times   by Anthony Lawrence
- Business is tough right now. I have a neighbor here forced to sell their home because they just aren't bringing in enough to pay expenses. I don't know where they are going - rents aren't cheap anywhere except in places I can't imagine them wanting to live, but apparently they feel they have to leave. I'm just squeaking by myself, but lowering rates isn't going to help that - in fact, I may raise rates for some services.
CompTIA Network+ Study Guide   by Anthony Lawrence
- I could quibble about presentation and organization. There are things I would have explained differently, there are places where I would have been sure to mention X while explaining Y. That's very minor: in general you'll find the author's chatty style both enjoyable and very understandable.
WPSM54G Wireless Print Server   by Anthony Lawrence
- I helped a neighbor install a WPSM54G Wireless Print Server this morning. The product page says it's Vista compatible, but nothing on the box said that so Best Buy (or wherever he went) must have sold him an older model and of course the software said it couldn't work.
Account Currently Disabled   by Anthony Lawrence
- At first I thought this was because of the upgrade. He had done a fresh install and had copied over his entire /etc/samba directory. I thought that perhaps file formats might have changed from whatever version he had previously and that this was causing this strange error. I therefore had him remove the Samba passwords file and add the users again with "smbpasswd -a" but the problem still continued.
Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite   by Anthony Lawrence
- I installed Ubuntu 9.0.4 on an old Toshiba Satellite Laptop last night. There is nothing remarkable about that: the install went smoothly and required no fiddling or coaxing. Everything worked. It's slow, but it works.
Working at home: Vipdesk   by Anthony Lawrence
- Maybe I'm being unfair, but I think they are asking a lot for that kind of money. Of course they do say "and up" and the FAQ doesn't say if the benefits are paid for by you or them. I guess this could be a reasonable job for some people even if it does sound a bit abusive to me.