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May 2008

If you can't say anything nice..   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had gotten up early this morning and wandered out to my computer still wearing pajamas. Because it was a little cool, I had thrown on a plaid jacket too. Appararently the combination of pajamas and this jacket was a little startling, because when my wife got up an hour or so later, she burst out laughing upon spotting me. A few minutes later she left and then came back carrying a pile of clothes which she requested that I put on "as soon as possible". She then walked off, still chuckling.
Twitter Types   by Anthony Lawrence
- I recently started using Twitter, but initially couldn't imagine what all the fuss was about. Apparently there are people using Twitter for different reasons:
Linux Lunacy   by Anthony Lawrence
- I didn't know that any of these folks had given up and gotten out of the market. It's probably news to other readers, too. I wish they'd take down their websites, don't you?
Did you really lose half a million dollars?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was talking to someone about my early business failures and mentioned that my mistakes cost me a little more than $100,000 and that it had taken me quite a few years to dig myself back out from that. My companion exclaimed "That's nothing, dude: I lost more than half a million!"
Big Book of Apple Hacks   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is the Mac book I've been waiting for! It's actually more than a "Mac" book; as the title implies, it also has content for iPods, iPhones and Apple TV.
Why won't companies track Windows downtime?   by Anonymous
- No effort was ever made to track time for now applications to calculate the actual cost of introduction in terms of lost productivity. It allowed IT departments to hide behind sloppy products they supply to their clients.
My SCO Knowledge (and interest) is fading fast   by Anthony Lawrence
- The other day someone called me about removing hard drives previously added to the kernel configuration.. my mind went blank.
I said that I knew it was "mkdev dot-something" and told him to look in /usr/lib/mkdev with "lc -a". I was too busy to look there myself (and didn't have easy access to a SCO box right then anyway) but told him to look through the "." files to see if something looked right. I also told him that it could be done manually and quickly referred him to http://wdb1.sco.com/kb/showta?taid=105052 and hastily said "You need to take the stuff out of mscsi, remove the device files.."
You sounded annoyed   by Anthony Lawrence
- We were eating dinner when my business phone rang. Ordinarily I'd just let that go to voice mail and call back after finishing up eating, but it just ten to five and I recognized the caller ID as a customer who doen't call with trivial stuff. I hesitated, but figured that he probably had something important and that he's like to get out of there at five if he could, so I put down my fork and took the call.
Extending XP   by Anthony Lawrence
- Apparently Microsoft hates to lose even a crumb of the pie, so they are letting XP live a little longer, although only in the "cheap PC" market.
Sales Calls for Tech folk   by Anthony Lawrence
- Some of the readers here are self employed people who have to wear both the tech hat and the sales hat: you are the one who sells and performs the services of your business.

That can be a tough road to walk. You may not be "good" at sales.. or "selling" might make you uncomfortable. If this is really serious, maybe you aren't cut out for self-employment, but if it's just minor discomfort, maybe I can help.
Running Xen, a Hands-On guide to the Art of Virtualization   by Anthony Lawrence
- I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to think that books like this shouldn't be written. I don't mean that this is a bad book: it's not. It's well laid out, encyclopedic in its coverage.. but it's already out of dat
Road Trip   by Anthony Lawrence
- As gasoline will be very cheap this summer (well, I think that's the way we'll be looking at it in retrospect), we decided to plan a cross country road trip. My wife has never traveled much, and wants to see the country, so we'll be rolling on wheels for close to a month.
Everything you need to know about seo in one page   by Anthony Lawrence
- Search engines want to produce good results. When you type "frabble" into Google, Google wants to give you the best list of pages it can. It doesn't want to give you junk pages that have nothing whatsoever to do with "frabble" and it doesn't want to give you pages nobody else cares about.
Why no "about" for system code?   by Anthony Lawrence
- You've done it: called up "ps" or Windows Task Manager and wondered "What the hell is THAT?". The answer might be easy: On Linux or Mac OSX anything that you didn't start up yourself will probably be found in "man" (though not always), and for Windows a quick Google will usually serve to identify the process.. maybe. Or maybe not, but even if it does:
Installation and light training Boston and New England  by Anthony Lawrence
- Experienced tech available for hands-on, on site in Boston and New England.
Why use that primitive Vi?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Sometimes after leading some customer through a vi session to fix their problem I'll hear something like this:

"Why does (Unix/Linux) make things so hard? That 'vi' is so primitive - they should have a word processor!"
iPhone Open Application Development   by Anthony Lawrence
- When I first saw this, I somehow ignored the "open" in the title and assumed that this was supposed to augment and explain Apple's iPhone SDK. Silly me, of course not: this is about jail-breaking your phone and hacking apps that way.
Essential Linux Device Drivers   by Anthony Lawrence
- Regular readers here know that I have been very disappointed with most Linux kernel and device driver books. I did like "The Linux Kernel Primer", but until this "Essential Linux Device Drivers" book landed on my desk, that was about it.
Why does Firefox use Sqlite?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Apparently the latest version of Firefox has a problem with Linux: http://shaver.off.net/ explains the details, but the short of it is that Firefox 3 uses Sqlite for bookmarks and history, Sqlite in turn uses fsync() to ensure data integrity, and Linux fsync writes ALL disk buffers when fsync() is called and of course that can lead to long, long pauses where your computer is completely non-responsive. The issue will be fixed; again, that post has the details, but I have a more basic question:
A Golf Cart is not a Computer   by Anthony Lawrence
- I bought a used golf cart last year. Unfortunately, this year the darn thing stopped working.