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May 2006

Spammer Control   by Anthony Lawrence
- What really irks me about these people is their stupidity. Did this guy really think that I would leave his junk here?
I want it all   by Anthony Lawrence
- The future of computing - Linux, Windows or Mac? All of us would buy an all-in-one if it could do the job for us
PC-BSD   by Anthony Lawrence
- A new BSD ?: I do like BSD OSEs, but I think the best thing about the release of PC-BSD is that the download page incudes a VMware image. That's smart, and I wish more distro's would do this.
Time to fix the bugs?   by Anthony Lawrence
- More problems from the seamy side of Linux: Andrew Morton asserts that the Linux kernel is 'getting buggier' and that part of the reason may be from the strong influence of corporate money.
It pays to advertise   by Anthony Lawrence
- Adding links for recent articles increases page views
Google Coop   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google coop allows web sites to categorize and label pages
More on Google Coop   by Anthony Lawrence
- Example of using Google Coop context files and annotation files
Ubuntu   by Anthony Lawrence
- Ubuntu is a single CD. There's also a "live CD" version available if you just want to play with it without installing; I didn't look at that. Installation was quick and simple. Apparently some folks don't like that the install is text based - sheesh, is it so hard to live without a mouse during the install? To me, it makes perfect sense: there's darn little that requires mousing. Probably the only real place was during the selection of allowed resolutions for the yet to be started .. if that screen confuses you so much that you can't get by it, I don't know how you get through your daily life anyway.
Root Kit Hunter   by Anthony Lawrence
- rkhunter shell script detects root kits and security lapses that could lead to root kits being installed.
Linksys WAP   by Anthony Lawrence
- Linksys WAP54G wireless access point review. Call it whatever you want, but it's a bridge to me.
Load Balancing   by Dirk Hart
- Large web sites need to be able to handle a huge number of requests - often more than a single web server can handle.
More RAM, please   by Anthony Lawrence
- Windows XP needs more than 256MB now: Most of the Windows XP machines I see in my travels are fitted with 256MB of RAM. A few have more, and now and then I'll find a very unhappy soul suffering with 128MB, but 256 is the most common. It's not enough anymore.
Security or not?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Vista tones down security: Windows Vista was originally conceived to be extremely tight in the security area. Unfortunately, as has always been the case with Windows, the all important "ease of use" conflicted with those goals. They first backed down on outbound firewalling, explaining that it was too "technically tricky". But they still had Least-Privilege User Accounts (though apparently it's now called User Account Control or UAC) and some Windows folks bragged that it was better than Mac's sudo model
Selinux on FC5   by Anthony Lawrence
- basics of selinux on Fedora Core 5: Selinux can be confusing, but it's ordinary and default configuration is actually pretty simple. We'll examine it on Fedora Core 5.
Domain values   by Dirk Hart
- A few years ago one of my customers forgot to renew their domain name registration. Of course it was poached and when they discovered their website was gone they called me in a panic. I poked around on the internet and found who owned the domain currently and called - $750.00 was the asking price. My customer thought it was an outrage and in a fit of pique we stopped pussy footing around, hyphenated their corporate name, registered a new domain and moved on.
xxd   by Anthony Lawrence
- The commandline "xxd" is available in Linux and Mac OS X (though not on other BSD's I've looked at). The author says

The tools weirdness matches its creators brain. Use entirely at your own risk. Copy files. Trace it. Become a wizard.

It is similar to od, but doesn't try to do word interpretation. If what you want to see is hex bytes, displayed in the same order as they actually appear in your file, xxd is the tool.
SMB Caching   by Anthony Lawrence
- SMB caching on Windows can be confusing - on a whim, I tried deleting a file, and once that had been done, users could now write and overwrite as desired.
Bash HISTCONTROL   by Anthony Lawrence
- controlling bash history. There are actually several values HISTCONTROL can take. On newer bash, it can be set to "ignorespace", "ignoredups", "ignoreboth" or "erasedups". Bash 2.05 doesn't have "erasedups".
OS X file encryption   by Anthony Lawrence
- File encryption for Mac OS X. I'm going to look at two methods for encrypting files on Mac OS X. The first is built in, and uses DisK Utilty to create an encrypted disk image.