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May 2005

Bitkeeper,git (patch maintenance)  
- But then Bitkeeper pulled the plug. No more freebies. Shoulda listened to Richard Stallman, I think. This was a choice of convenience over principle.
loadkeys, dumpkeys  
- You can change the output of the console keyboard with loadkeys
SSO (Single Sign On)  
- Yes, SSO is convenient. So is having no authentication at all. Convenience always lessens security, and that is why I am no fan of any of this.
Sun and Open Source 
- I guess I really just don't trust corporations. Sun's goal is income, not producing open source.
- Unlike some implementations, the Linux version won't spit out all the variables it knows about with a "-a" or whatever. You have to either know what you want to know more about, or visit the other man pages (sysconf, confstr, pathconf) to discover your choices.
PCL6 and Unix  
- PCL6 can cause problems for Unix machines that want to send text files or even files with "normal" HP escape sequences inserted. That's because PCL6 is much more like Windows GDI than anything else - it's binary commands rather than escape sequences. If the printer defaults to PCL6 mode, it will error out or refuse a simple text file.
Spotlight, mdfind (Mac OS X Tiger searching)  
- Most users will probably see Spotlight as an enhanced, very fast file searcher: something that builds an index of files and their contents, and can very quickly search that index and return results. Actually, Spotlight is much, much more than that
p0f Passive Operating System Fingerprinting  
- 2005/05/09 p0f Passive Operating System Fingerprinting
Smart Folders (Mac OS X)  
- Mac's Spotlight has the ability to create "Smart Folders". If you click "Save" after doing a Spotlight search, you'll be creating a plist file which by default will be created in ~/Library/Saved Searches.
The value of firewalls 
- There is at least one person in the world who thinks firewalls are pointless. If your immediate reaction is "That person must be an idiot", you are wrong. He's far from it, and his argument has some value.
Email and Phone Support 
- If you are a consultant or MIS manager and primarily support Windows but need Unix or Linux help now and then, one of the phone or email support options may be just what you need.
Email and Phone Support 
- I am not doing as much SCO or Linux support as I used to. However, I used to do a LOT of SCO work. I MAY be able to help with some Unix/Linux things. Please send email first, describing your needs
system FRU  by HectorBalcazar
- I have probles with my equipment, it is a SCO 5.0.5, and the error that unfolds is "Embedded server managment is not cofigured System FRU is not presented" not that to do, ayudenme porfavo
PoE (Power over Ethernet)  
- NO, NO, NO!!! Absolutely not!!! Very dumb idea!!! If used to transport power (or phone signals, a setup I fixed at one location), those "unused pairs" will induce noise into the signal pairs (two of 'em, coming and going) and the result will be a lot of packet errors. Whomever thought up this idea is a blithering idiot! Are they that hard up for cable that they have to usurp pairs for non-network purposes? Besides, there are instances where the unused pairs are internally grounded in some network gear. Put voltage to that and something's gonna go up in smoke. At the risk of being repetitious, really lame idea!
Tiger's Safari and RSS feeds 
- Tiger's Safari and RSS feeds. You can set how often to check for new RSS updates, and how to display them in the "feed:" page.
UTI (Mac OS X Uniform Type Identifiers)  
- 2005/05/13 UTI (Mac OS X Uniform Type Identifiers)
Microsoft Bob  
- How would *you* like to be responsible for signing off on this reputation threatening piece of garbage?
launchd (Mac OS X Tiger startup)  
- Launchd is filling the role that init plays on System V systems. It is also intended to replace rc scripts and some cron jobs.
2038 time overflow  
- Sheesh, you think so? No, it's not "may": if current Unix and Linux OSes are still running in 2038, yes, they WILL overflow their time counters.
Do comments affect page rank? 
- o multiple positive comments on a website produce higher google ranks
automator (Mac OS X Tiger)  
- I've never been a fan of such things - they are almost always billed as "No programming necessary" which of course is nonsense.
Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide  by drag
- Togaware's free Desktop Survival Guide and other Debian support/reference links.
another strange terminal problem  by anonymous
- I have 2 sco 5.0.5 systems that I support and I use CRT as my terminal emulator for both. The strangeness is with unix utility programs i.e. more, page etc. that need to know where the bottom line is AND if the screen has been resized to more than 80 lines ONE of the boxes does not work properly. Instead of pausing at the bottom line it jumps up to line 80 and resumes from there. I have ruled out everything I can think of - stty, terminfo, CRT - but cannot get the one box to behave.
Thin Client, Client/Server  
- The advantages to business are return of more control to the MIS department, easier deployment of upgrades, less concern about viruses, spyware, etc (or at least less kittens to chase). These terminals can also be less expensive, more reliable, and easier to "repair" (just replace it). Many of these, particularly at the low end of the market, run Linux as the underlying OS.
SSH Risk from known_hosts? 
- This whole concept starts with a compromised machine
SCO 5.0.5.: migrating from an old to new server  by anonymous
- I have to migrate everything such users, settings, and programs from an old PIII running SCO-UNIX 5.0.5
smbclient (Samba)  
- For testing, the most common use is to list shares on a Windows machine or some other Samba server.
- Very cloak and dagger, spy vs. spy, isn't it? Brings to mind images of James Bond being tortured to reveal the password to his laptop. How far can we take this? Does the hidden volume reveal the passwords to yet other machines hidden volumes? Do those hidden volumes in turn contain secret plans for devices that will backfire on the usurpers? Ahh, the intrigue of espionage, thrust, counter-thrust, a web of deception.. coming soon to a theatre near you!
Business Basic Editor  by anonymous
- We have a point of sales system built in business basic, the files themselves appear to be in binary. Can someone recommend what program to use to open the files up to edit them?
- As an inquiry tool, sfdisk has advantages over fdisk
Snort Cookbook 
- Snort is deceptively simple to get started with. On many platforms, you don't even have to compile anything; you can get current binaries for Linux, Mac OS X and even Windows. Nor do many users have to bother with any configuration: the defaults are often perfectly suitable.
LWP (Library for WWW in Perl)  
- If you want to automatically process web pages to extract data, you have a number of tools available. There is curl" or "wget", even lynx, but Perl LWP is very easy also.
restrict_chown, rstchown (restricting users from changing ownership)  
- Way back when, chown could be run by everyone. Berkeley Unix saw that as a bad idea and made it root only. Nowadays POSIX says it's up to you.`
Netcraft security toolbar for Firefox and IE  by drag
- Netcraft has released a toolbar recently for Firefox
bit vector, using Perl vec  
- A bit vector is just an array of bits; subsets of bits within the bytes have some meaning.
cache data corruption  
- The symptoms were occasional data corruption but only in frequently used files. All the usual suspects were hauled out and examined; everything passed muster.
AoE (ATA over Ethernet) distributed storage  
- 2005/05/29 AoE (ATA over Ethernet) distributed storage
HenWen (Snort for Mac OS X)  
- If you don't want to install the development system, or never seem to have luck compiling from source, HenWen is a Mac GUI front end for Snort.
Rob Enderle again 
- The Most Powerful Labor Union in the World: Linux? No, not really - at least not in the way Rob tells the story.
sort -g vs. sort -n  
- When sorting numbers, you can use either -g or -n. I've noticed that Linux users without Unix experience tend to use -g, while old Unix folk are often unaware of that flag at all and continue to use -n. There is a difference between the two flags, although "man sort" doesn't explain it - "info sort" does a better job.
blacklist unwanted ip addresses  
- It's easy enough to add an iptables rule to blacklist a particular ip address. You can even automate the process based on certain criteria that you define.
extglob (extended pattern matching bash)  
- 2005/05/25 extglob (extended pattern matching bash)
- 2005/05/31 SSH_CLIENT, SSH_CONNECTION (OpenSSH Variables)