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May 2004

Email nonsense 
- I hate to break this to you, but there's no way to be certain that I read or didn't read your message.
Lousy Writer 
- I had some email yesterday. Once sentence, direct and to the point: "You are a lousy writer."
Google Does No Evil? 
- Here's the short version: guy has anti-Bush satirical T-Shirts, Google won't let him advertise them. Apparently Google is worried about defamatory material, and that's quite understandable. However, this gets uncomfortably close to free speech issues when it is political satire. No, Google isn't the Government, so they can ban any speech they like, or even decide that they'll ban anti-Bush sites while accepting advertising for anti-Kerry T-shirts. Also, this is strictly banning of advertising: the Google search engine will turn up this guys site quite easily.
Time to dump SCO? 
- So is it time to dump SCO if you are still running it?
How did we get here? 
- There is no doubt whatsoever that Linus Torvald's effort to create Linux was an effort to clone Unix. Linus wasn't inventing a new operating system; he was deliberately trying to create a Unix-like OS. In that sense at least, this is "theft". I've tried to think of any analogy where someone could set out to deliberately copy a proprietary product and expect to get away with it. It's easy enough to run afoul of someone else's IP if your original intentions were for something entirely different, but when you start out with the idea of creating a knock-off, you are really treading on thin ice.
I miss my Mac! 
- Going on vacation without my computer is a painful separation.. I miss my Mac.
Is Linux gaining or not? 
- What does it mean for Linux to 'win'? Will Linux win, whatever winning may mean?
So what's new? 
- You can sometimes find odd network cards in products and strange devices where they should not be.
Spam and Virus messages 
- You get messages from AOL or other servers stating that your message to [email protected] had a virus. You never sent any such message, and have never heard of [email protected]
IRC must be stopped! 
- Omigod. As if porn and spam weren't bad enough, the New York Times has now made us aware of even MORE EVIL lurking in the internet. You probably know nothing about this 'I.R.C' thing (yep, they put the periods in) but according to a lovely graphic accompanying the piece, 'Internet Relay Chat is a system of servers through which computer users with proper software can chat (in text) over a multitude of channels'. I particularly liked the '(in text)' part.
Microsoft abuse 
- Microsoft wants to live by different rules than everyone else. Sometimes they say silly things just the same.
Why it never stops 
- "Oh, no. Really fast then. But it's just gotten slower and slower. I don't use it much, it's mostly the kids.."
Virus scanners vulnerable? 
- Online virus scanners contain buffer overflows? Gosh, you'd think they'd be smarter than that!
Microsoft works hard for small resellers 
- Blog # 847 Microsoft works hard for small resellers.
Sasser creator found 
- Eighteen years old, so he'll probably get a slap on the wrist and little more - aargh!
Outlook Attachments 
- Microsoft changed the defaults to NOT allow you to open attachment
No cell phones 
- My cell phone had no camera, but the security people said they couldn't be sure of that!
Bring your PC to work? 
- Will the day come that companies will not provide computers for their employees? BYOD is already in place at some businesses.
Microsoft and pirates 
- I guess this was somebody's fantasy: Microsoft isn't going to let pirated XP update after all.
Mac OS X Malware 
- The unfortunate reality is that you are running some risk any time you download and install anything - and it's even possible that purchased CD's could be compromised
Statically linked programs vs. Dynamic 
- There are both advantages and disadvantages to dynamic linking. The big advantage is updating for security flaws.
IP telephony- No training 
- Just because they've sold you an IP based phone system doesn't mean they know anything about IP, does it?
SME server virus scan notification and double bounce 
- Blog # 868 SME server virus scan notification and doublebounce
FTC Porn regulation 
- The FTC now requires sexually related spam to have "SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT" in the subject line
Mental models and understanding technology 
- Blog # 878 Mental models and understandingtechnology
Viri, Worms, Spyware 
- Sitting at a domain login, and yet accessing thousands of web pages per hour - now that sounds broken to me!
More Microsoft FUD - Waste of Money? 
- Microsoft exec says Linux is a waste of money.. and gets more confused as he drones on.
OQO Computer? 
- Is OQO vaporware or not? From all the press, you'd say not, but reality seems to say otherwise.
Burn Linux system to CD 
- This is a neat way to save off small Linux systems to make restoration simple and easy.
Microsoft extends support life 
- It's easy for Linux to say 'We're done with that old stuff, upgrade'. Not so easy for Microsoft.
Dumb censorship 
- Cultural opinions have no place in law. All prohibitions need to have better justification.
Google News Group Access 
- Google is fixing Usenet - and will probably kill it dead sooner or later.
Noise Suppression - Why not use genetic algorithms? 
- Blog # 897 Noise Suppression - Why not use geneticalgorithms?
The Official GNOME 2 Developer's Guide 
- I'm more of a command line kind of guy, but there are things better done in a graphical treatment. When this is true, I often resort to HTML, but that isn't always suitable either. Most of what I've read about GUI programming has left me feeling daunted by the learning curve, and the writing itself has mostly been difficult to read and unsatisfying
- chroot establishes a new root ("/") directory for a process. As you can't ever change directories above the root, this effectively establishes a "jail".
- Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Even Microsoft uses LDAP (though they mucked it up, of course).
- A named pipe: write to it with one or more processes, read to it with another. All sorts of neat things become easier with a fifo.
- Microsoft's internal name for its Digital Rights Management Software. Janus was the two faced god, looking both front and back at the same time. Microsoft chose this because the likeness of Janus was often placed at doors as a symbolic guard.
- The most common answer to any question that involves network backup: http://www.amanda.org/ I still prefer Microlite Edge, though.
- Effectivly, a bar code that links to a web page. Some camera phones have this ability. Remember the cuecat? That was a bar code scanner that you were supposed to use while reading magazines. That died a well deserved early death, but perhaps this makes a little more sense.
- Although separate programs, you'll often see the two tied together. From the Bugs section of the Lex Man Page: 'The asteroid to kill this dinosaur is still in orbit.' Lex is 'A Lexical Analyzer Generator'. It recognizes regular expressions, and generates simple output based on what it is fed.
Threats on the Lan  by Amitesh Singh
- The address of network card is called the MAC address. MAC address is a globally unique and unchangeable address which is stored on the network card itself.
Creating Log Files (Windows)  by Amitesh Singh
- Capture Windows user editing activity in simple text log files with this easy method.
- In the UNIX or Linux environment, it is possible to asynchronously execute tasks at any desired time of the day, a feature made possible by the cron clock daemon.
Self defense for SCO users 
- If you are running a SCO system, it's time to get very serious about protecting yourself. This article assumes that you either cannot switch to another platform or that switching is too difficult (see "Time to Dump SCO?").