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May 2003

Microsoft panned by Gartner 
- Microsoft would love to kill Linux. Is buying Unix licenses from SCO part of that wish?
SCO Lawsuit 
- I could stomach that much more easily if the OS were like Mac OS X: whatever goofy ease of stuff use you want on top, just give me Unix underneath and I'm happy.
Triple Threat 
- An unusually large newsletter in email and an unfortunate forwarding rule brings down a mail server.
Squidlog II 
- The original Squid Log Analyzer I wrote wasn't what I really wanted. I had promised myself that I would get back to it to do a better job, but of course I forgot about that until someone asked me to provide some changes. I then looked at the code again and said no, this won't do.
Network Neighborhood, Visionfs, Samba Authentication and all that 
- Unix and Linux machines have been able to provide Network Neighborhood style file and print services for some time now, but I constantly see confusion and problems due to misunderstanding of how these things work.
Wireless Internet Access 
- Someday high speed wireless access may be everywhere: This article talks about high-speed downlink packet access, also known as 3.5G, which is supposedly capable of 14.4 Mbs.
Operating System Concepts 
- Basic OS concepts. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the heart of any computer, but the operating system is the brain. Unfortunately, understanding exactly how these things really work can be difficult, because it's fairly hard to "play" with the operating system that you are actually using. You can do quite a bit with sophisticated debuggers, but eventually you run into confusion and difficulty. And, as you try more complex tasks, you run the risk of interfering with the real machine's operating system. Finally, modern CPU's are very complex, and that complexity can make it more difficult to understand basic concepts.