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May 1999

- CHAP and MSCHAP - in early SCO, only Morning Star PPP supported MS CHAP. Using "*" in auth file.
Sarcheck  by Anthony Lawrence
- Using sarcheck to analyze sar reports. Unfortunately, tuning a computer is not like tuning a car (or maybe it is, if you are thinking of high performance racing tuning). It's complex: what looks like a CPU problem can really be
Redhat Linux 5.2  by Kit Haskins
- Within the past two months, I've set up a Linux Redhat 5.2 box on my local LAN to see what all the hype was about. It was a learning experience, considering most of my *poor* unix skills are based on SCO ODT and Openserver, from Jeff L's "learn by destroying" methods here at Basement University.
Getting Linux Up and Running in my Office 
- There's plenty of controversy in the SCO community concerning Linux. Some see it as the death knell for SCO, others as a positive force, others as something in between. No matter what you think, you probably agree that learning something about it is important.
What's with all the Linux? 
- A few people have commented upon the growing number of Linux articles appearing here. Some have just been curious, some have been a bit puzzled, and at least one was apparently quite angry about my supposed "abandonment" of SCO.
Star Office on SCO   by Roberto Zini
- This one is to inform you about the steps I took in order to get Star Office 5.0. installed (and working) via lxrun under SCO OpenServer 5.0.5.
Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotion 
- Peter Kent and Tara Calishain have continued or extended Poor Richard's Web Site with this book that focuses heavily on promotion.
A Y2k problem solved with Expect 
- This is an old article about using Expect to solve a Y2K issue and is only left here for historical purposes.
Data Transfer 
- You need to transfer data from machine A to machine B. Maybe you are lucky enough to have networking on both machines, but maybe you aren't. Maybe you have tape drives, but they are incompatible. Or maybe they should be compatible, but they don't seem to want to work. Maybe you don't have tape drives or a network, but you still need to transfer that data. How?
Redhat Linux 6.0 
- (This is pretty old, but as late as December 2007 I had someone who wanted help installing this on an old box!) This is pretty cool stuff. Redhat 6.0 is a marked improvement over previous versions. It's not perfect; there is still plenty to squawk about, but I could easily recommend this to any semi-technical user.