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March 2015

Responsive design and fooey!   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google made me switch to Responsive Design
RIP, Internet Explorer   by Anthony Lawrence
- RIP, Internet Explorer - Microsoft is replacing IE and moving to a brand new browser. But how brand new will it really be?
Are you kidding me? The never ending lawsuit   by Anthony Lawrence
- Are you kidding me? The never ending lawsuit is back again for another try. Will SCO ever give up? It seems not.
Being confused can sometimes help   by Anthony Lawrence
- If my customer's email hadn't been confused, I wouldn't have called him to help and he would have waited for something that was never going to happen.
What will humans look like a billion years from now?   by Anthony Lawrence
- The typical answer is something along the lines of we'll be long gone. That's not really a good answer.
Let's get that router programmed. What router was that?   by Anthony Lawrence
- It's a good thing that my customers with guns have a relaxed sense of humor and know me well. This might have become very tense if not.
A human brain in silicon? Hawking's fears debunked   by Anthony Lawrence
- Mapping a brain to hardware requires full understanding of the biological circuitry. We are a long, long way from that with human brains.