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March 2011

Open Graph protocol adds Facebook "Like" to your site   by Anthony Lawrence
- With that glowing feeling of fading resentment warming the cockles of my heart, I decided to add Twitter Tweet and Facebook "Like" buttons to pages here. Well, I decided to TRY that. I'll add them to a few of the newest pages and we'll see how I feel about it in a few weeks.
Environment variables - maximum size of a variable?  by Anthony Lawrence
- An 18 MB or larger variable is much more than any shell script is likely to need, but it shows that you need not fear assigning large chunks of data
Bing Webmaster Tools   by Anthony Lawrence
- Well, I did it: I broke down and joined up with Bing Webmaster Tools. No, it wasn't because searches from Bing have become important to this site - they definitely have not. In fact, they represent such a tiny percentage that I would barely even miss them
Locking files for shared access   by Anthony Lawrence
- Multiple users having access to the same data usually requires some sort of mecanism to give exclusive access to all or part of the data for some period of time. Locking is an extensive subject, but it is trivial to demonstrate advisory locking with Perl.
Publishing your e-book at Kindle   by Anthony Lawrence
- Amazon has made it almost trivial to publish your e-book to their Kindle store. You just visit https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/signin and follow simple directions to upload your books.
Three Computer Repair Books   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is 162 pages, well written, with good humor and full of practical advice for the person starting out on a shoestring.
Snarling Panda (Google "Big Panda" update)   by Anthony Lawrence
- Certainly some of these folks belonged in the cellar. However, a common theme is that Internet pirates using black hat SEO have stolen content and now rank more highly than the legitimate website that produced the content.
Smarter HTML Link Extractor   by Anthony Lawrence
- It is an unfortunate fact that links go bad. That is annoying for your visitors and can also cause Google and other search engines to devalue your pages.
SpamCheetah as it stands today   by Girish Venkatachalam
- Overall just by using these two algorithms spam is gotten rid of. However there are problems like initial mail delays and mail senders retrying from different IP addresses which is a problem for greylisting spam implementations. But such real life implementations are not very typical in US unless it is a big ISP.
Snarling Panda site cleanup   by Anthony Lawrence
- I decided to be proactive and start cleaning up this very ancient site (I started here in 1997, and there are actually pages that came from an even earlier site). My reasoning is that while I may not have been deeply damaged by the Google Snarling Panda update, I have seen some ill effect and I suspect it will only get worse over time.