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March 2007

SCO DST script   by Raouf Bishay
- SCO screwed up DST and took forever to come out with a patch. Here is one way to fix it manually.
The Apache Module Book   by Anthony Lawrence
- Book Review - 'Programming Apache': Aaargh.. C code. I never thought I'd say that, but there it is. I must be getting old..
The Linux Programmer's Toolbox   by Anthony Lawrence
- Wow. Regular readers here know I don't say "wow" lightly. I may like a book, I may even think it's useful or even something you really should have, but very few really make my jaw drop. This is one that gets a "wow". It may be the holy grail of Linux programming books just because of its amazing depth of coverage, but
Audit Logging   by Michael Desrosiers
- When it comes to audit logging, have you ever wondered what it takes to meet your regulatory compliance requirements? This is a subject that is on a lot of CIO and Network Administrators' minds, but we often overlook this issue during the initial checklist of a security audit. Does logging satisfy all the different regulatory compliance requirements, or is log monitoring in enough detail acceptable for your organization's business needs. Does this practice assist in keeping your security risks to an acceptable level? In most instances, the answer is no.