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March 2004

It's ALWAYS the driver (or the card) 
- FTP is very dependent on good connectivity. Just think of it as the Fussy Transfer Protocol.
Some Assembly Required 
- The real test of processing power is a random set of parts, screws, fittings, and a set of instructions written by someone not all that familiar with your language
The Tragedy of the Pcuni 
- As some of you may know, I often use the handle 'PCUNIX'. Sometimes people ask me why.
Bootable Utility CD  by Bruce Garlock
- There are many useful tools on this CD, to help you solve just about any PC problem
Detailed procedure for installation of VNC on OpenServer  by Lytle David Smith
- Detailed procedure for installation of VNC onOpenServer
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts 
- I often take a dim view of books that use superlatives in their titles. I also don't think there is anything "wicked cool" about shell scripting in general: if you need anything complex at all, Perl or something else is probably a much better way to to it. Shell scripting gets awfully nasty awfully fast.
mx record 
- Mail Exchange record(s). For email to work, you need one or more hosts in DNS designated as being the MX entry. If you aren't controlling your own DNS, I've found some tech people can be snottily difficult about this.
- Digital Rights Management An Orwellian concept that (in my slighly bonkers opinion, of course) will cause far more problems than it solves. On the other hand, if it drives people away from Microsoft (who embraces this like a long lost brother), maybe it will be a Good Thing.
- Personal Digital Assistant. In other words, something very computerlike that can range from just a simple notebook/calendar to pretty near a full-fledged computer. I don't use one myself, for what's probably an odd reason: I find I do better remembering stuff if I don't write it down.
- The open source project that lets Unix/Linux machines be part of Windows Network Neighborhood. That this exists at all is amazing enough, given that Microsoft doesn't willingly tell anyone how SMB works and deliberately goes out of their way to break any attempt to clone it.
- Mobile blogging: sending text or a picture to a blog from a mobile phone or similar device. When this was written, things like iPhones, iPads and Android tablets weren't even on anyones radar. Twitter didn't even exist, and Facebook was still a college only project.