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March 2003

I've given up on Blogger  
- Perl code for a simple blogging platform. Simple base to expand from, requires Perl ability.
How to run screen automatically? 
- So how can you use 'screen' automatically? I've yet to figure that out but there must be a way?
Socially responsible - not Microsoft 
- I was interested to read in Forbes that they don't buy Microsoft - because Microsoft is a bully to smaller competitors. Now they are making me feel guilty..1
Digital Millenium Copyright Act 
- The DMCA was bad law when it was passed and finding new ways to invoke it makes it even worse.
Mac OS X in a Nutshell 
- This is one of the better Nutshell books. At close to 800 pages, it's jam packed with everything you would want to know about OS X.
Programming Mac OS X, A Guide for UNIX Developers 
- The intent of this book is to introduce Unix developers to Mac OS X. As such, I think it does a pretty good job.
SCO Openserver release 5.0.7 
- Assuming you cannot run Linux, there is a lot to like in the 5.0.7 release of SCO Openserver. Too bad it's not free.
Kermit 95 2.1.3 
- This is a review of an ancient terminal emulation product and is only left here for historical purposes.
Apt-get for RedHat Linux  by Rob Fantini
- RedHat 7.3 and 8.0 do not have tools like Mandrakes urpmi for installing/updating rpms. After researching on Google groups for a similiar Redhat tool . APT seemed to be the best. I think its a tool from Debian linux.