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March 2001

Explicit Congestion Notification  by Bruce Garlock
- I was driving myself nuts over the weekend with another strange problem, but I figured it out. I picked up a Sun Sparc 20 off of ebay (so I can mess with Solaris), and when I went to PayPal to pay for it, PayPal kept saying "connection refused". All other sites seemed to work fine, and I used one of those free proxy servers to access it too.
Installing an Equinox SST-64 under Linux  by Rob Fantini
- A couple weeks ago after 15-20+ hours work I got my Equinox sst-64 pci card working so I could log in thru terminals. I'm sending info on what I did [most from notes, some from fading memory] in case it is useful to others.
Dinner for Twenty 
- Ease of use has produced people who really are computer illiterate but don't know it. They think they are using their computers, but they really aren't.
Ad Tracking and Rotation 
- The supposed "magic point" for selling web advertising is around 15,000. By the way, I think the number is actually higher - much higher.
Transferring Data from an Old Hard Drive  by Dirk Hart
- The machine I had installed in 1993 had developed a problem with the hard disk controller. I checked with the manufacturer and they had never even heard of EISA SCSI controllers.
KornShell Programming Tutorial 
- The man page for ksh is as terse and unfriendly as any Unix man page. Barry Rosenberg's book, on the other hand, is fun, friendly, and full of useful examples. Published in 1991, but still available, and still useful.
Managing Projects with Make 
- Unless you are a professional programmer, you might think you When make does fail, understanding the Makefile might help you This isn't an easy book if you don't have some background in
Telnetting to a port other than 23  by Dirk Hart
- A quick check proved I could telnet to either router. What I really wanted to do though, was to have the remote site telnet to the SCO system at the local site. Since I also wanted to be able to have the DSL providers telnet to the routers for maintenance, port 23 (telnet) was unavailable to me.