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March 2000

Lone-tar Version 
- I like a simple menu like this, because I know it's going to work under almost any conditions, on almost any terminal emulation. Also, because all the menus are just shell scripts, if I need to modify them or just go directly to a particular function or sub-menu, that's easy to do. Understandably, more complex interfaces can't be done with simple shell scripts, but I'm always glad to see that these are at least available as an option. No doubt Lone-tar will one day succumb to pressure and build a graphical interface; if they do, I hope they keep this as an option.
Perl Web Log Analyzer 
- There are many tools available to analyze web page statistics. What I want to know is how popular certain pages are.
The Gimp  
- Gimp graphics is powerful stuff for no cost. This book is available on line or in printed format; I recommend buying the printed.
Why I Love Perl 
- I'm no Perl expert. However, I have learned a few things, and if you are getting ready to start using Perl, you might find my experiences usefu
Automating Program Startup 
- automating program startup methods. When you need something to start automatically, there are several ways to do it. Which one you use depends on your specific needs.