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June 2013

Amazon's Alexa API 
- I have to say that I expected Alexa to be completely irrelevant by now. I'm glad that it is not; I think that the web archiving part of Alexa is very important for saving historical information. But the rest of it just doesn't seem compelling to me.
blogging security 
- It's an unfortunate fact of life that there are people who want to hack your blog. It may be nothing more than leaving spam comments which are easily deleted or may actually involve your blog having been taken over entirely and used for illicit purposes behind your back.
Script to block DOS attacks   by Anthony Lawrence
- A simple script to block annoying abusers and possibly stop a little theft, too.
SCO OSR5 Auditing and Process Accounting   by Anthony Lawrence
- A very brief look at SCO OSR5 Auditing and Process Accounting