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June 2011

Helping my sister-in-law with Gmail   by Anthony Lawrence
- My wife informed me that her sister needed help with Gmail and that, as she herself was busy doing Important Things, it was up to me to teach her sister how to label and archive email.
He needs a SCO box   by Anthony Lawrence
- It matters because the only reason anyone should be asking for a "SCO box" today is because they have some critical application that won't run on anything else. The rep agreed: "He says he just needs this for six months and then it is a dead puppy - that's why he doesn't want to spend much".
Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'll start with the complaints. There are only two or three, really, which is actually almost a compliment when discussing Microsoft programming: usually there is much more that annoys me.
Moved to Linode.com   by Anthony Lawrence
- I heard about Linode rather accidentally and immediately liked what I saw. They are very reasonably priced - I went with the 768MB package for $29.95 a month with no contract (you can prepay to get cheaper prices). They have a wide choice of Linux distros to choose from, a comprehensive help system and a simple, yet very powerful command interface. It's all Xen powered, very easy to add storage space, additonal RAM and so on. You can choose from multiple hosting locations, too.
Google Webmaster Tools   by Anthony Lawrence
- Dear Google Webmaster Tools: I hope this won't hurt your feelings, but I have to tell you that I don't think you are being quite fair in what you give us versus what we give you. We give you a map of our web site pages. We include the last modified date and an indication of the relative importance of each page. As we both know, that's helpful to you, especially if we are conscientious about the details. I am conscientious, and I feel like I give you more than you give me.