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June 2009

Another SCO box   by Anthony Lawrence
- Yesterday I had an emergency call from one of my few remaining SCO customers. The system had crashed and the monitor was showing "No input".
Disqus Comments   by Anthony Lawrence
- I want to experiment with Disqus comments. I'm not happy with my current home-grown system and while I am somewhat reluctant to outsource comments, there are advantages.
I'm a lousy sales person   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm a tech guy. I'm available to my customers - nights, weekends, while on vacation. I'll help them through any problem to the very best of my ability and could give you many testimonials to that. But I'm a lousy "salesman".
Voila   by Anthony Lawrence
- Let's start out by noting that it's tough to compete with free. Both Skitch and Jing are free as I write this and Volia is not. Not only is it not free, it's not cheap. At $39.95, Voila's price is more than I'll spend without careful thought about whether I really need software,. Well, no, that's not exactly true, but it's more money than I can get away with without my wife asking if I really need it.
FTC and Affiliate Links   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had never thought about about conflict of interest on book reviews and other small items. When I do a review on Kerio. I've almost always mentioned that I am a reseller, but I just never thought it necessary for things like book reviews. Apparently it is. That's fine - I'm not trying to hide anything. My reviews are always honest whether I can make anything from a referral link or not.
Fear of fsck   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've heard similar things in the past. The fear is that fsck will "make things worse". The system is running now, it's working (or at least mostly working), so why tempt fate? The mental analogy here seems to be one of going in for surgery and dying from the anesthesia.
Help - I'm on a blacklist   by Anthony Lawrence
- You are getting bounced mail that says your email can't be delivered because you are on a blacklist. Almost always there will be instructions or a link in the bounce message that tells you what you need to do next. It's usually pretty simple. You follow the directions and get yourself removed, but a month or so later it happens again. You are unhappy, and if you are one of my Kerio Mailservercustomers, you might have sent me an email saying just how unhappy you are.
Firefox 3.5 out soon   by Anthony Lawrence
- If it were not for extensions, I wouldn't use Firefox. I try to remember to use Safari for Gmail; that eliminates a lot of trouble. If I forget and do load Gmail in Firefox, it often hangs. With the new JavaScript, it doesn't crash the rest of Firefox, but you do have to wait (and wait... and wait) until Gmail either loads or Firefox gives up. Safari never has such problems.
17,000 Net Illiterates Can't be Wrong!   by Anthony Lawrence
- Amazing as it may seem, over 17,000 visitors arrived here last month by way of Internet Explorer 6 or worse. I'm not amazed that there are 17,000 people still using crappy old browsers, but it is astonishing that any of them looked at more than one page here.
Centos ssh failure   by Anthony Lawrence
- My first thought was the router, but it seemed to be operating correctly. I had him log in at the console and try an "ssh localhost". That complained about syntax errors in ssh_config at a few lines. I had him read me the offending lines; there was nothing wrong.
Basic (very basic) TCP/IP   by Anthony Lawrence
- Think about the early telegraphs and Morse code. Press the telegraph key in the right pattern and that means the letter "A" to the person at the other end of the line. Morse code is just patterns of "on" and "off".