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June 2008

Page Views Per Visitor - more isn't always better   by Anthony Lawrence
- A recent blogging advice site offered this piece of wisdom to its readers: "If each visitor reads 1.5 pages or more, you're building a community of readers". That's not necessarily so..
Microsoft eats its young   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsoft is thrashing around trying to convince people that upgrading to Vista is the right move. They threw out a "Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista" mid last month, got roundly laughed at and immediately pulled that (you might be able to find a copy here). The funniest part of that is where they step out and admit Vista is slow - of course justifying it by quickly insisting that Vista is working harder for your ultimate good.
Why not electric cars?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I overheard some people talking yesterday. They were talking about the price of gasoline, and saying things like "We need to drill in Alaska!".
It is going to get better, right?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Right now there are untold numbers of lobotomized machines that unknowingly do the bidding of their masters, whether that is adding to our daily pile of spam email or bonding together with other compromised machines in attacks against more reslient targets.
But they aren't geniuses, are they?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I suppose the folks who work at Apple's so called Genius Bars are nice people, reasonably familiar with tech stuff related to Apple products. I suppose a few of them really might qualify for genius status, either overall or just in regard to Apple knowledge. I would hope that most of them are embarrassed by this marketing nonsense.
Sales Taxes - why should I collect them?   by Anthony Lawrence
- States are trying hard to find a way to get Internet sellers to collect sales taxes. The latest is New York demanding that Amazon should do it because although Amazon may not have a physical presence in New York, they do have Amazon Affiliates. I think that's a weak argument, but I understand New York's desire to collect the taxes.
Hey Technorati - I give up!   by Anthony Lawrence
- OK, Technorati, I give up. You break too often, and I just can't be bothered with you any longer.
I am Joe's Computer   by Anthony Lawrence
- I remember first powering on at the factory, running through my diagnostics. I though that was all there was then, but soon enough I had a BIOS and found myself running through that code. Of course back then I had no idea what this was leading up to: I was just a young cpu, happy to execute any code I could find.
Is your website a lefty or a righty?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've seen a lot of nonsense around the web on the subject of left hand columns vs. right hand
Small Form Factor PCs   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is about using little embedded computers for various little projects. That's great fun and the authors go into sufficient detail about the various problems you could run into, so you'd probably want to read this if you were contemplating something like one of the eight projects it presents. But I don't think this book should have been published.
Smart Linux Shop   by Anthony Lawrence
- I don't know a darn thing about Helios Solutions, but I know they are doing some very smart Linux marketing and I think their business model is one that could make excellent sense for other consultants.
Chitika Premium   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've written about Chitika previously. Their ads didn't perform as well for me as they do for some other sites, but I kept them for the odd filler and they do add a little money to my monthly total.. not much, but enough to keep running them now and then.
It's OK to use your brain when I'm talking to you   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is a support situation from this week. It's real, though I've obfuscated some names to protect the innocent.
Hypermiling   by Anthony Lawrence
- A Google search for "hypermiling" will turn up a lot of links about saving gasoline by changing your driving habits. Most of them are just common sense: accelerate slowly, try to avoid stopping completely (slow down if a light ahead is red to give it a chance to be green when you get there), use your speed control..
Power Hold'em Strategy   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had pre-ordered this a long, long time ago and had almost given up on it when I got the the email that it was being shipped. I had actually lost a little interest in poker (paticularly on-line) in the past year, but this book revived me. Why? Because it taught me something important and the funny thing wa that the most important thing I learned wasn't in the book at all..
Know your customer   by Anthony Lawrence
- While food shopping last week, we came across a cart full of discontinued items. Prominent among them were a large number of boxes of Peace Cereal "Organic Hearty Raisin Bran with Crunchy Oat Clusters". My first thought was "Why are they discontinuing these and why haven't they sold?".
What am I doing here?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was waiting in the small lobby for someone to come down to fetch me. I had arrived early as I usually do, so I wasn't upset about waiting. I wouldn't have been upset anyway - I get paid by the hour whether I'm looking at pictures in the lobby or pecking away at a keyboard. I'm happy enough to wait and have enough random junk running around my brain to keep myself amused for hours after the pictures and magazines become old.
Review of Tribal Fusion for Publishers   by Anthony Lawrence
- Tribal Fusion did NOT deliver good results for me. That doesn't mean that it wouldn't work for you. I know, for example, that many sites have good results from Chitika but that performed poorly for me also. Different strokes for different sites: what works well for me might not for you and vice-versa.