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June 2007

How can I automate an ftp transfer? 
- There are actually numerous ways to do that. If your script is complex, I'd use use Perl Net::FTP or Kermit.
Wireless print servers   by Anthony Lawrence
- Wireless print servers - why? I suppose it's useful but I have my reservations still.
Your data are silly   by Anthony Lawrence
- Techfusion: Where data are still is. We don't speak latin in IT: Ok, I get it. I took four years of Latin and have been around more than a few math and stat geeks over the years. Datum, data. Fine.
Google Earth Street View   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google is now offering a much closer look at our world. Some folks are raising privacy concerns. As a card-carrying ACLU liberal, I'm supposed to be standing shoulder to shoulder with all my brethren in opposition to video surveillance, but I'm not.