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June 2006

Inward Bound   by Anthony Lawrence
- The old Linux was setup as a gateway: one nic had the public ip that they would ssh to. I really do not like this configuration: I prefer hardware firewalls. As mentioned elsewhere, I also implement internal firewalls; that is, I have the hardware firewall forwarding the ports I want inward but at the Linux box I also specifically both disable and block all ports not being used.
Invent like Microsoft   by Anthony Lawrence
- Did Microsoft invent anything?: Anyway, this morning I had asked if things had gotten any better, and he shrugged and said "Not much" and then added "I guess I need to invent something like Bill Gates did" Of course I laughed. I'm used to this: most of the world thinks Microsoft invented all sorts of things. The reality is more than a bit different, but people don't know these things. So I educated him a little bit about Microsoft's history and general business practices.
Apache and PHP killed by thttpd   by Anthony Lawrence
- Well, I hate to leave someone in the lurch, so I agreed that we could try to look at a few things. As I said, I don't know beans about Php, or even how to configure it in Apache, but we went through the obvious things: is the module being loaded? Does Php itself exist? Is there an AddType for .php files? Ayup, all the config files were as they were before the update/reboot.. hmmm..
Freebies   by Anthony Lawrence
- There is a recessed reset button in the back. I stuck a pen in it, and seconds later the Comcast modem was happy to talk on its Ethernet port.
No Docs?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is Windows more reliable because of documentation? Not when it is sponsored studies that say so, I think.
Uncharitable   by Anthony Lawrence
- Setting limits for free work - especially when it's work that you really dislike.
Loose cables   by Anthony Lawrence
- 'The cable fell off'. I had been asking the person at the other end of the line to hook his computer directly to the Comcast modem, so I naturally assumed he meant the CAT-5 cable. I asked if the locking tab was broken off the end.
Microlite BTLD   by Anthony Lawrence
- Will these ancient SCO systems ever go away? Yes, they will, but more than a few are still hanging around, so I still get involved with them. Understand I'm not particularly anti-sco but I do think the handwriting on the wall is not going to be washed away very easily and it says that folks running SCO need to at least make alternative plans just in case. If that's you, you might find these links helpful.
Bad routers   by Anthony Lawrence
- I have a customer with a branch office in China. The folks over there need access to resources in the main office, so of course we implemented a VPN between the two offices.
Symphony OS   by Anthony Lawrence
- Innovative Mezzo Desktop is hallmark of Symphony OS: The funniest thing about Symphony OS is the posts you'll sometimes see asking if its Mezzo Desktop can be ported to Linux. The reason it is funny is that Symphony most definitely is Linux - it's based on Knoppix and nobody is even trying to hide its Linux roots:
The real value of Google   by Anthony Lawrence
- The real value of google is speed and association. hose answers can raise other questions, and those just might lead us to something important, useful or even brand new and patentable.
Switching to Feedburner   by Anthony Lawrence
- Feeds are and will remain available at http://aplawrence.com/rss/ but I do encourage you to switch to Feed Burner for a number of reasons, including readability - FeedBurner makes sites available in any format you need.
Why NOT RSS?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I use RSS to weed out what I don't care about rather than as a trigger for the things I do have high interest in.
Waiting for the future   by Anthony Lawrence
- Frustration at the suoermarket: Someday, they say, this will all be the kind of thing Grampa tells to wide eyed innocents who can't imagine life without a kitchen that keeps track of what you need and notifies the supermarket of what you'll be shopping for. The grocery cart of the future will have your list and will lead you to what you need or make suggestions for substitutes when they are out of stock. How wonderful. I don't think it's going to happen all that soon.

Scrollbars for PRE tags   by Anthony Lawrence
- Use of scrollbars for pre tags - annoying or useful is in the eyes of the beholder.
Text File Extraction  by dzkil
- I have a box running SCO OpenServer 5.0.6. I've been able to locate the file I wish to extract, but the extraction is causing me pain. After reading the articles, and attempting to replicate other suggestions, I simply cannot pull off the text file. Here is what I've tried:
Linux|Unix Starter Kit   by Anthony Lawrence
- I should say all the nice things first: this is an attractively packaged DVD distribution of Suse 10.1 which includes a 128 page "Quick Start Guide".
Who is Louella Slaton?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Why do I keep getting Louella Slaton's email: For some time now, I have been getting email directed to Louella Slaton. That's obviously a mistake both on grounds of gender and appellation, and therefor has been a cause of curiosity for me. Although I do sometimes use made up names for illustrative purposes in articles and other postings, the name "Louella Slaton" has never appeared in any post or correspondence of mine until today.
Impugnment of Character   by Anthony Lawrence
- In this scenario, Bill is stepping aside so that his recently acquired halo won't be spattered with brown flecks as Microsoft returns to its street fighting roots.
Artificial Intelligence and Creativity   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was sitting on my back deck watching the plastic mobile hanging in part of our garden. It's a bright colored thing that I had hanging in my office for years - I think originally it had been in one of our children's rooms and sentiment had caused me to move it to my office. When we moved here, there was no convenient place to hang it, so I temporarily stuck it on a plant hook that had also "temporarily" found a new home out back. It's small, and has a butterfly theme, so it's not entirely out of place outdoors.
It's unplugged, isn't it?   by Anthony Lawrence
- A long trip to plug in a terminal: I miss the old green screen terminals. Oh, they weren't always green: some were white screens, and some were a really ugly orange, but they all had the virtue of simplicity.
I hate penguins   by Anthony Lawrence
- Ballmer enters Bill's office. Due to our omniscience and the happy circumstance that the top surface is glass, we can see that Bill is hiding under his desk. Our view is from behind the desk, facing Ballmer as he enters.
Death of a thousand cuts   by Anthony Lawrence
- More Vista cuts - 'It's just a flesh wound', says Microsoft - oops, I mean the Black Night.
Virtualize or die?   by Anthony Lawrence
- The blue pill virtual machine root kit may be undetectable: Sleep quietly little OS, Daddy is here.
Net:FTP $ftp->put problem!  by anonymous
- using ftp->put to upload file to ftp server: I am using $ftp->put to upload file to ftp server but it is not working...
Geek Wiring   by Anthony Lawrence
- Our phones went dead yesterday. That has caused us to be very ticked off at Comcast because we've been without service a lot.
Where's the memory?   by Anthony Lawrence
- That once again points out the danger of assuming you know what's going on based upon your knowledge of other systems. Being an expert at Solaris is helpful with Linux but it can also lead you astray. The opposite is just as true, of course.
Procedure Call Sequence in C   by Manu Garg
- When you call a function in C, you need to ensure mainly 5 things:
Puppy Linux   by Anthony Lawrence
- Woof woof - Puppy Linux has a cute name, runs in RAM and comes with a full set of videos explaining how to use, upgrade and configure your system
Verizon FIOS   by Anthony Lawrence
- There was plenty of confusion about whether we could get FIOS. I've seen Verizon trucks in the neighborhood laying fiber, but my neighbor said that a Verizon rep stood in their front yard and told them flat out that FIOS wouldn't be here for a year or more. Maybe he thought they were asking about TV, because when we called, they immediately scheduled an appointment.
ssh forwarding   by Anthony Lawrence
- Ssh forwarding is powerful stuff, but using it can be confusing. For example, let's say we have a machine that our firewall will send traffic to, but we actually want to ssh to another internal machine. To be specific: is the machine that we can access from outside using "server.xyz.com", but we really want to ssh to with user "fred". To make it even more interesting, "fred" isn't a valid username on, but "john" is. We know passwords for both accounts.
Smultron Editor   by Anthony Lawrence
- Smultron editor for Mac is not my kind of tool. I'm quite happy with vi, thank you anyway.
Google Affiliate Programs   by Anthony Lawrence
- They apparently are calling these CPA ads, but what that means is that publishers get paid not for clicks but for some specific action at an advertiser's site.
Damn Small Linux   by Anthony Lawrence
- A versatile live cd and more: Damn Small Linux was the first distro to give me a hard time. Don't panic, DSL fans. It wasn't DSL's fault. It booted quickly, obtained an IP automatically, and was ready to run. Except..
Continuation Lines   by Anthony Lawrence
- There's been a long standing Unix convention of breaking long lines with a "\" to make them easier to read. You'd almost always see this in files like /etc/printcap, but there are plenty of other places where this convention is used.
Office on Terminal Server   by Anthony Lawrence
- A customer wanted to deploy Microsoft Office on Terminal Server. That's a fairly unusual thing: usually Office gets installed at individual PC's, so you'd have no real need to install it on the TS itself. But if you are using thin client terminals rather than PC's, well, there's no local machine to install Office on. You could have the same situation if you were using Macs or Linux machines to access the TS.