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June 2005

Russ Walter's Secret Guide To Computers  
- I haven't read this book. Or maybe I did read it and just don't remember. I do remember Russ Walter, though.
bootlocore : out of low memory  by anonymous
- bootlocore : out of low memory SCO Unix No memory for relocation information
rvalue, lvalue  
- In most contexts, it's pretty obvious which is which, which also means that it's easy for a compiler to know when you screw up.
Using pppd from the command line - ttyname syntax?  by ReflectiveTurtle
- PTP VPN connection from a command line using pppd on a Mac OS X 10.4.1 system.
How does a shell script know how it was invoked?  
- 2005/06/05 How does a shell script know how it was invoked?
idle loop  
- It sounds silly, but really only is if you are thinking of the idle loop as something that does nothing beyond perhaps waiting to be interrupted by real work.
Perl binding, "or" vs. ""  
- Generally speaking it's a very good idea for new Perl folk to use 'or' rather than '||' in conditional flow tests, and to use parens for functions.
Google Sitemaps  
- Google provides a Python script that can produce the file for your site; I wrote a Perl script that does the same:
DAT72 (dds Gen5) tape drive not working  by anonymous
- DAT72 tape drive attached to Adaptec 39320ALP using SCO OpenServer 506 with ad320 (v1.1) driver. Controller reported fine in hwconfig, added tape drive using mkdev tape (as a SCSI DAT), it doesn't complain but it doesn't work, it just says device /dev/rct0 (or /dev/xct0) doesn't exist. Please help.
Impression ASCII extended characters (Spanish)  by anonymous
- printing extended ascii: When printing a document with spanish extended characters (a acute, e acute, etc...) the characters are not printed correctly.
Creating Perl Modules for web sites  
- When you are writing your own code, you are more apt to use someone else's module than write your own, unless your project gets fairly large and complex. Small scripting tasks just don't need the advantages modules offer. However, there is a case where modules might make perfect sense: web server cgi scripts often repeat the same tasks. Putting those common features into a module can make your web scripting easier.
Perl Range Operator (.. and ...)  
- In a list context, this operator is easy to use and understand. It is much more confusing in a scalar context, and is often badly explained in books and webpages.
Mac OS X on Intel CPU's  
- Apple's switch to Intel has generated tremendous amounts of speculation and even some concern.
LUA (Least-Privilege User Account, Limited User Account)  
- 2005/06/15 LUA (Least-Privilege User Account, Limited User Account)
Darwin (Mac OS X Open Source)  
- The last few times I've taken the train, I've sat next to someone using a Mac. The percentage of Macs sold would seem to make that statistically unlikely.
- He claimed that he could take already compressed data and compress it again, and then again, and so on with no data loss. I laughed, and he became angry.
Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach 
- This book is a wonderful compilation of shell scripting functions and recipes
iPodderX (podcast reading software for Mac OS X)  
- Podcasting has apparently become very popular. While the name implies the use of an iPod, actually you can hear podcasts directly on your computer.
Health and Exercise  
- Computer folk often have sedentary lives. Some of the brightest people I know are the most stupid about their own health. Your body needs exercise - do it!
H-1B Visas (Microsoft wants tech geeks)  
- 2005/06/21 H-1B Visas (Microsoft wants tech geeks)
Making screenshots of Xbox/PS2-content via OSX - but how?  by anonymous
- I'd like to make screenshots of games running on my PS2/Xbox-videogame console.
my unix computer has a trap ,please help me  by anonymous
- When my computer is running,suddenly stopped,and the screen printed such messages: Panic :k-trap-kernel mode trap type 040000000E :
BugMeNot (that'll teach 'em!)  
- Too many websites now have mandatory registration. Frankly, I wish Google, Yahoo, etc. wouldn't even index these sites. They deserve insignificance.
Tape Errors - Openserver 5.0.7  by JIW
- Having trouble with an IDE tape drive - Dell Powervault 100T (Travan 20/40 Gb drive). Server is a Dell Poweredge 800, P4 2.8Ghz, 1Gb Ram, SCSI HDD's. SCO Openserver 5.0.7 with MP3 installed. I have installed the tape drive using mkdev tape, and it seems to have been added successfully, however whenever we try to use it we get errors lik
Premium Content, Deep Web, Micropayments and Google  
- Since this was written, Google has introduced Click-Free, which lets sites allow initial access to visitors but lock them out of deep visits.
Paid Web Surveys  
- Can you make money? Sure: if 'making money' means getting perhaps less than minimum wage for providing a lot of personal information about yourself.
Domain keys  
- The idiots over at Microsoft are trying to shove their Sender Id down everyone's throat by refusing email that doesn't use it.. We can only hope that the combination of short notice and incredible arrogance will cause this ploy to backfire in their face. To borrow from the the drug use prevention world, let's "just say no". To hell with Microsoft and the people dumb enough to use their technology. Cut 'em off from the rest of the world, and if they can't get mail from us, too bad: that's their problem.
Holidays OS506  by Balhec
- stty: tcgetatrr failed: No such device (error 19) and acctcon1: Update /usr/lib/acct/holidays with holidays for 2005
Multi-User XP  
- Take me back to days of old with multiuser DOS . Most of the smarter folks used Xenix rather than these kludges, but I used to run into this stuff now and then.
Bash looping  
- There are so many different ways to create bash loops. Let's just look at a few. After the first, I'll only list the initial line:
Realtime-Preempt for the Linux kernel.  by drag
- The Linux kernel has always been somewhat preemptive, but with the 2.6 kernel there were big improvements aimed at making the kernel almost fully preemptive
SPID, threads in ps  
- The ps man and info pages don't tell you much about threads, probably because there's been plenty of confusion and disagreement about how the kernel should expose thread info, how /proc should pick it up, etc. This old thread shows some of that. Also, Uncertainty about implementation details probably didn't help either.
Printing from Unix to Windows Printers  by Lytle David Smith
- Using nothing more than the software that comes free as part of most Unix and Windows systems, you can successfully print from Unix to Windows printers.