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June 2003

Granite Digital SMARTVue for Mac OS X 
- This is a review of a product whose functionality is now included in OS X and is only left here for historical purposes.
Thoth Newsreader for Mac OS X 
- This is an old review of Thoth Newsreader and is only left here for historical purposes.
Microsoft's Services For Unix 
- Microsoft's Services For Unix produce an acceptable emergency Unixish environment under Windows. That's the best I can give it.
Printing to a remote printer with a dynamic address 
- This is a fairly common problem: you have a PC at home and you make some sort of connection over the internet to your server, but your application needs to print to your PC. That would be easier if your PC had a fixed, constant IP address, but your connection is dynamic so it changes.
Cell Phone Internet Connections 
- How to use your cell phone as Internet access point. You can get text messaging with almost any cell phone nowadays, and it's no great trick to forward email to that. The problem is that it's too hard to read that way: long messages get broken up, the cellphone doesn't have a great keyboard, and it just isn't worth the trouble.
Verizon Cell Phone Internet Connections  by Bruce Garlock
- After reading your cellphone Internet article, I decided to give my phone a try, for which I purchased Verizon's Mobile Office kit, some time ago. At the time (it must be at least 1-1/2 years ago) the Internet access was horrible. Many dropped connections, and very, very slow.