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June 2001

Connecting to the Internet 
- At the lower ends of connectivity (DSL and Cable), the provider almost almost always also deals in the home connectivity market and therefore will provide some Windows based software, and that software may also be capable of sharing multiple machines. I'm not going to preach here why you don't want a business network relying on something like that; we're just going to plunge ahead into better options. However, I will note that (as usual) you probably are going to have to deal with Windows-centric support folk.
Synchronics Counterpoint on Red Hat Linux 
- Counterpoint is a provider of point of sale and accounting software. Recently, they have provided Linux versions of their software. I've done three installations of this in recent months, and this article details my experiences.
Netgear PrintServer PS110 and CUPS  by Rob Fantini
- I installed a NetGear PS110 on Mandrake 8.0 Fri, and here are my notes. It took over 4 hours as there was a glitch on one of the systems.
User Friendly Date Script 
- The "setdate" is just a more user-friendly front end to changing the date and time
RedHat RPM Source Packages  by Bruce Garlock
- Ever wanted to rebuild a RedHat RPM from source? I had an issue where I wanted to include one of the new features offered by SAMBA that enables logging to utmp in RedHat 7.1 and RedHat 6.2. Since RedHats supplied binary RPMs did not include this support, I had two choices: one was to download the SAMBA source, and compile the feature in from there, and my other choice was to possibly use the RPM source that RedHat supplies with their RPMs.
Raw volume vs. popularity 
- There are two ways to financial success for a blogger. One is to be wildly popular: everyone reads what you write. Every time you open your electronic mouth, millions of people read your posts.