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July 2011

Google Plus One Buttons   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've recently added Google Plus One Buttons to pages here. I used to have other buttons - Twitter, Facebook "like" and even some others if we go back far enough. I've removed everything else and now have only the Google button.
Google+   by Anthony Lawrence
- No doubt you've already read all about how this may or may not be a Facebook killer, how the demand is so high that Google has stopped invitations again and all that. I won't bore you with repetition. These are just my first impressions after a day of use.
Joe's computer turns 3   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm really excited because soon I may get to run Linux! I have been hoping for that for years and had just about given up on the idea when they tried to install Windows 7 on my drive.
Google's future in reputations   by Anthony Lawrence
- So, for now, a search engine has to grope around in the dark, feeling for indications of quality. Google (and every other search engine) looks at multiple factors. Those factors include both on and off page items and also give weight to the reputation of the site as a whole, the age of the page, what else the searcher was looking for or visiting recently and who knows what else.
Creative Circles in Google Plus.   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google+ Circles are how you choose who you share your posts with. For example, I have a "Kerio Customers" circle, an "Oak Point Computer Club" circle and a "APLawrence.com" new posts circle. This post will be shared with the latter of those, but not the others.
How to waste your time putting a Gmail Group into a Google+ circle   by Anthony Lawrence
- Oops. The Computer Club only wants to see posts about upcoming meetings. They don't want the rest of my rantings. My 'Family' circle doesn't want most of my Public geekish rantings. So the long and short of it is that this bird will not fly.
Another idea about a basic CMS structure   by Anthony Lawrence
- The separation of content from presentation gives me the power to change things very quickly - not quite as quickly as fully dynamic pages would (ala Wordpress) but I gain the advantage of faster loading static pages.
Internet phone service - without the service   by Steggy
- The implementation plan was to route the VoIP service through my business's Internet service and wire the VoIP adapter to an isolated pair that would connect to our residential phone. Nothing complicated, to be sure, and nothing that wasn't technically feasible. This was basic networking 101 joined with basic telephony 101.
Perl Profiling with Devel::NYTProf   by Anthony Lawrence
- I started looking around for Perl profilers and I came across Devel::NYTProf. There are surely other similar tools, but my brief look at this convinced me that if I were going to be doing Perl performance hacking, this would be something good to have.
Higher resolution timers in the shell   by Anthony Lawrence
- When you are trying to improve the performance of a C program, there are many tools to "profile" your program - that is, to find out which parts of your program are slowing down the rest. Perl also has profilers - I wrote about one just yesterday (Perl Profiling with Devel::NYTProf). But what about shell scripts?
The closing of Borders is not the closing of minds   by Anthony Lawrence
- Can we please not confuse the container for the thing contained? Thanks to James Thurber, I know that's metonymy, but I also know that books are really the words within, not the physical paper, cardboard and ink that has been their form for the past half millennia or so.
An unimportant announcement that you probably won't care about at all   by Anthony Lawrence
- What I did was move part of this site to a sub-domain. I did so at the specific advice of Matt Cutts, the famous Google SEO guy. No, he didn't give ME the advice - I'm so far beneath unimportant that nobody at Google would even tell me to "go suck eggs", never mind drop a hint on how to regain traffic after a Panda slap.
The Electric electorate   by Anthony Lawrence
- Of course that is completely insane. It's down right un-American: imagine what might happen if ordinary citizens had the ability to put a candidate on the ballot! You might end up electing someone who actually represented their interests rather than the interests of Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big everything else. It is almost treasonous!
Working on weekends   by Anthony Lawrence
- Of course I work weekends. Sometimes, often, always.. I don't know, because it's really hard for me to decide whether I'm working or not.