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July 2009

The Helios Project   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is a guy in Austin Texas who has been building Linux computers for disadvantaged children. The Helios Project takes old computers, rebuilds them as necessary, pops Linux on them, and delivers them to needy kids.
Why aren't you doing that?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was off reading or something but happened to walk back into the living room as my wife was watching the tail end of a news segment about people making money in this economy. This one was about some woman who started a website dealing with "mommies" and apparently is making good money reviewing cribs, toys, car seats and all that. I had missed most of it and honestly wasn't that interested anyway, but then my wife asked The Question:
The Looting of America   by Anthony Lawrence
- I think it's fairly easy for both liberals and conservatives to agree that putting purchasing power in the hands of the middle and lower classes is good. Certainly that's the goal in the "rising tide" theory, isn't it? Having a healthy working class lowers welfare needs, makes for more stable families, increases purchases of real goods and increases the overall tax take of governments. All that seems pretty obvious - where we get into shouting matches is how we should go about getting there.
Super Secret TV Listings   by Anthony Lawrence
- Last night my wife wondered if "Monk" would be on TV. That's one of her favorite shows, but she came to it late so has missed many episodes and is always looking for repeats.
Opera Unite is a little Wave   by Anthony Lawrence
- Opera has introduced Opera Unite. To me, this looks an awful lot like Google Wave, or at least a "lite" version of what that says it will be. However, there's an important difference: Google Wave, if and when it ever becomes real, will require a Wave Server.
Integrity - do we really have anything else?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've had to refund some support pre-payments this week. No, not because of complaints - one was a request for support on SCO 6, which I just have no interest in learning, another needed support on Sunday afternoon and while that's not a complete impossibility, I wasn't available at that particular moment. The final one was someone looking for help with no disk space on a SCO 5.0.5 system. I explained to him that I couldn't offer anything more than is covered at my Out of Disk Space article here. So for all of those, I just issued a PayPal refund.
Google Voice   by Anthony Lawrence
- I got my Google Voice number today. It's (774) 213-1199 and you can feel free to use that to reach me. I have that connected to both my home and cell phone numbers so that no matter where I am, one number will find me.
Unscientific America   by Anthony Lawrence
- I recently bought "Unscientific America" and "The Republican War on Science" (Chris Mooney's earlier book in a similar vein) and was very disappointed by both of them. I felt that both of these were strongly biased, exhibited obvious prejudice and were also very shallow and unsatisfying
Don't screw up the owner's computer!   by Anthony Lawrence
- One of my long time customers called yesterday about her desktop computer. She complained that she had almost no free disk space and that their contracted support person had been in the day before to fix that but that nothing had changed with regard to lack of space and, worse, she now couldn't open certain email attachments. The support person had told her that he had removed some programs she "didn't need".
The Myths of Security   by Anthony Lawrence
- I think this is easily the most entertaining security book I've ever read. John has a sense of humor and strong opinions. Combine that with a lifetime of experience in computer security and you get a fun read.
Security vs. Convenience   by Anthony Lawrence
- Recently I answered a forum question at another site that asked "How do I get root's environment with sudo su". I answered "sudo su -", and seconds later someone else opined "Sure, if you want to completely destroy your security"
Keurig B-60 for the Home Office   by Anthony Lawrence
- For me, working at home requires coffee. That's a given, but I don't like the hassle of making it, keeping it hot, putting up with stale coffee in the bottom of the pot and of course cleaning up everything after it's made. That's why I've been eying Keurig Single Cup coffee makers for some time now.