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July 2008

Creative's Vado Video Recorder   by Anthony Lawrence
- I never owned a camcorder. When I considered how infrequently I'd have any use for one, I just couldn't justify the price. Yes, I am a product of generations of Yankee thrift.
Vendor Management Techniques   by Michael Desrosiers
- In today's world of providing secure endpoint connections and access to your organizations vital information, granting system access to a third-party provider is a risk that can introduce security threats and technical and business dangers for your enterprise. Giving any provider access to your institutions infrastructure and information is a critical security risk. Even if there is no malicious intent, or the access to the data is provided for a legitimate business purpose, it should be strictly controlled, audited and monitored.
PUR Water Filter   by Anthony Lawrence
- There's nothing wrong with our town water except that it sometimes has a strong chlorine taste. I don't mind that a whole lot if I'm just drinking a glass of water, but for some reason it really annoys me when I make tea.
Nat-nat   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had a customer move their office last week. Verizon said that "everything will be the same" - same IP, same type of T1, so in theory all they had to do was unplug their router(s), move them over, replug and all would be fine..
A game worth playing   by Anthony Lawrence
- I recently wrote about a new poker site that pays cash prizes. It's a good place to play because of the serious competition, but if you looked at it from a strictly financial objective, they only offer one game that pays enough to be worthwhile: the $5,000.00 Sunday game that pays $1500.00 for first place. Anything else just has too little money in it to be worth spending time on (assuming that your only interest in playing is the money).
iPod Shuffle   by Anthony Lawrence
- I did have a little trouble with this. When you first connect it to iTunes, a window comes up with the choice "Register Later" or "Continue". I chose "Continue", but nothing happened - I just got a blank screen.
What is this?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I thought these were very tiny hummingbirds until I captured this movie. If you pause it at some point where it is clear against the house, you can clearly see that this is some sort of insect.
Samba Configs - six hours!   by Anthony Lawrence
- I don't really like going to Boston, especially in hot weather. The train ride in is fine, but the air quality in the city is always bad, and of course is even worse after a few weeks of high temperature and little rain. As I walked up Summer street this morning, I could see the haze of smog in the air ahead of me and I could feel it irritating my lungs. I unconsciously found myself trying to breathe shallowly while walking more quickly - not a winning combination.
5 Reasons IT Experts Should Try Open Source ERP   by Yossi BH
- ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. The goal of ERP applications is to fulfill the operational requirements of businesses of all sizes. Before ERP was invented, companies used to run several dedicated software packages to manage their daily operations. The first business applications were used to handle accounting tasks. Later, software was developed to manage manufacturing, purchasing, inventory and sales. The problem was integration - getting all these different systems to work together was a nightmare. It still is.