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July 2005

Mark extended partition active for Linux  by (various authors)
- You can mark an extended partition active and boot from it, though Microsoft disk tools may complain about it.
Mount whole drive image with loopback  by (various authors)
- Can you use loopback to mount a disk wih multiple partitions? Yes, but you can't simply mount a disk; you need more informatiom.
Samba-3 By Example and The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide 
- I have to say first that I do not like the pedantic style of Samba-3 by Example. I feel like I'm taking a certification exam, and even though each hypothetical situation is followed by the solution, I just keep finding myself annoyed by that feeling.
KVM over IP - Why so expensive?  
- I don't understand why KVM over IP is so expensive. I don't find anything under $500.00, and that just doesn't make sense to me. Conceptually, this is no more complex than a firewall with connections for PS/2 devices, so at the low end it would seem that it should be under $100.00 or thereabouts. Also, other than BIOS level access, what are you getting that any remote access product (VNC, etc.) doesn't offer for free? Admittedly, BIOS level is important, but does it justify that much extra money? At the real low end, these products have to attach to an existing KVM switch, making them even more expensive.
Detective: Front Loading Commands 
- The bash shell maintains a table of commands you have used so that it can execute them more quickly without looking them up in $PATH.
Detective: Front Loading Commands 
- Answer to 'Detective: Front Loading Commands' post.
Flash Drives - the future of Mac notebooks?  
- 2005/07/02 Flash Drives - the future of Mac notebooks?
Spring into Technical Writing 
- I have read more than a few books on writing style: Strunk's Elements of Style, Bernstein's The Careful Writer, and The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage are a few that spring to mind immediately. Perverse though it may be, I have enjoyed these books, and will sometimes pull one or another down from the bookshelf just for pleasure. Even though my own writing cannot live up to the lofty standards of these guides, I have an appreciation for order and rule, and probably most especially for nuance (Bernstein is one of the best in that regard, I think).
Usenet is not a web site  
- This is an old article about Usenet newsgroups and is only left here for historical purposes.
convergence (everything you never needed)  
- Don't panic, I'm still a grumpy curmudgeon. It's just that if it's cheap to do, and can be done with reasonable battery life, even I have to say Why Not?
Security through obscurity  
- Sometimes someone suggests 'securing' some service by running it on a different port. That may have once stopped uninvited guests, but that time is long gone.
Progress bars  
- We all know that software progress bars have to be taken with a large helping of salt. It's not at all unusual for the bar to have no discernible relationship to reality, and this is particularly apt to be true for operating system installations and software startups.
Peter van derLinden's Guide to Linux 
- This is a smooth and easy to read guide to a somewhat controversial Linux distribution. Oh, sure, much of it would be valuable for any Linux, but its focus is Linspire (nëe Lindows), the distro that sometimes attracts sneers and strong censure from more sophisticated Linux users. This is the Linux that is installed on the cheap PC's you can buy from Walmart, Fry's and other retailers.
ClamXav (Mac Virus Scanning)  
- ClamXav is a native Mac OS X port of the free Clam AntiVirus scanner. It's not a "live" virus blocker; this is strictly a hard drive scanner.
"leaked Intel OS X software" - are you crazy?  
- Yeah, right. Microsoft is not that stupid. As much as I'd like to see Mac push Microsoft right off the map, and as obviously superior as Mac OS X is, I don't think it can happen that easily.
Performance Tuning for Linux Servers 
- I'm trying hard to like this more than I do. It's not that there isn't good stuff in here; there is. But I just can't get excited about it. Maybe it's the fact that there are so many different contributors. The editors have done a more than reasonable job of tying it all together to try to make it more monolithic, but..
OpenServer 6 - Who will buy it?  by bruceg
- I honestly do not think spending money on SCO is worth it. They are just not a very nice company, after what they tried to do to linux - which did nothing more than make Microsoft stronger, since many companies actually delayed, or postponed their Linux migrations, in fear of what would happen with the lawsuite. Way to go, SCO! Hopefully those companies will now "see the light" and go ahead with their Linux deployments.
DRM (Digital Rights Management)  
- Obviously Intel finds themselves in a uncomfortable place here: they have to support this, but they know full well that the general public isn't pleased.
trouble replacing second drive  by anonymous
- OSR 5.0.5 with dual hard drives: I am running OSR 5.0.5 with dual hard drives. They are setup as master and slave with the slave being updated once a day. I have recently has to replace the master with the slave drive and added a new slave drive. However when i try to add the new slave drive to the system with the following command mkdev hd 1 0 I get the following error.
VMware Workstation - a chance for hobby OSes?  
- 2005/07/14 VMware Workstation - a chance for hobby OSes?
Open API's  
- While Open Source is obviously what we'd prefer to see, open API's (Application Programming Interfaces) are something to be applauded also, Nothing has shown that more clearly than the flurry of innovation that followed when Google and Yahoo opened up the interface to their on-line maps.
Moving to Linux (Second Edition) 
- The first edition of this had some less than stellar reviews at Amazon, but must have sold well enough to deserve a second edition. It may be that some people just don't like Marcel's chatty style; his "Cooking with Linux" column at Linux Journal has attracted some complaints also.
MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer)  
- 2005/07/16 MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer)
Componentized Linux  by Drag Sidious
- Componentized Linux is a conceptual Linux distrobution that is designed to provide reusable parts for making custom Linux operating systems.
Ending Spam:Bayesian Content Filtering and the Art of Statistical Language Classification 
- Fearing the worst, I took a deep breath, dove in and was instantly surprised. The first part of the book was genuinely delightful: a well written history of the origins of spam. It then segues to the techniques that have been used to identify spam, and moves to the current methods.
MAC Address  
- A MAC address (media access control address) is a serial number in one sense, but it's actually much more and yet also much less.
KDE on Mac  by anonymous
- I'm not sure how much apple has screwed with the BSD core but I do know they've stripped allot out. I'd really love to use Gnome or KDE if possible. I don't like the OSX desktop. If not what free linux distros work with an old Beige G3. I know it's a dinosaur but it was a freebie. It was given to me for something to play with. Any sugestions?
Is it time to switch SCO systems to Linux?  
- 2005/07/20 Is it time to switch SCO systems to Linux?
Understanding Project Expectations  by Kevin M. Berry
- We open with a shot of Dash bounding up the sidewalk, home from a rewarding day in the IT Project Management field.
repair lp  by Anonymous
- I admit it, I think I toasted the command lp somehow... I get the request id is Cardkey-410(or whichever number it is on)
1984 just comes a little later  
- If you have never read Stallman's 'Right to Read' piece, now might be a good time to do so. I didn't think we'd ever reach a point where that could be true.
Business Basis code  by anonymous
- Let's understand what source code is and isn't. This definitely isn't source code.
How long can SCO last?  
- SCO's attrition rate is rapid, helped along by folks like me and other former SCO resellers who started switching to Linux/BSD etc. quite a few years back.
custom keyboard layout  by anonymous
- Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to map the scroll lock key to another key (like right ctrl, insert, or an F key) under Mac OS X 10.3.9 (or 10.4.2). Everything I have read thus far has basically completely excluded the scroll lock key.
Tiny Suite  by drag
- First time I actually subscribed to a online resource and I was actually pleasently suprised
The network is always at risk  
- Sometimes it feels like you are shoveling water against an incoming tide. The attempts to breach your security never stop, and it seems like new flaws in software are discovered daily.
Optimizing Linux Performance 
- I found a lot to like here, but I do need to complain about a few things.
Archiving All Email  
- Nowadays, the problem isn't really so much how you do this, but rather is the legal morass surrounding it. The "How" is easy, the rest is not.
Set Startup.. 
- Hey, do you know anything about DOS: I was walking through the corridors of a customer's building, on my way to some real or imagined emergency, when a voice called out from an office I was passing.
Computer Fax Software.. circa 1991 
- Patriot combination Fax/Modem : Computer Fax Software.. circa 1991
slabtop, /proc/slabinfo  
- If you ever noticed /proc/slabinfo, its contents surely mystified you. That documentation is as geeky as it gets.
Encrypting syslog with stunnel  by Rainer Gerhards
- If you are using central logging, you may want to know how to encrypt syslog messages on the network.
Troubleshooting Skills  
- A regular theme on the newsgroups is newbies complaining about the crankiness and "RTFM" answers from "gurus", and the regulars complaining about the hopeless stupidity and laziness of the newbies.
Getting The Right Project Requirements  by Kevin M. Berry
- Bring Me A Rock, Kevin. Kevin, being a model employee, salutes and charges off, returning in short order with, of course, a rock.
Setting Project Exit Criteria  by Kevin M. Berry
- Ever notice how easy it is to get INTO a project, and how hard it is to get OUT of one? There's an old saying about project timelines - "The first 90% of the project takes 90% of the time, and the last 10% of the project takes the other 90% of the time."
C Pointer Problems 
- I admit it: I'm sometimes just not careful where I'm pointing. In ordinary life, careless pointing might be rude, but in C programming, it tends to be unforgivable.