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July 1999

Spam  by Roberto Zini
- This is an ancient article about spam on SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes.
Panic- Trap 0x0000000E 
- Of all the possible reasons for a system panic, a "trap 0x0000000E" is the one most often seen (see SCO's "What are Traps, Interrupts and Exceptions?" for other reasons). Technically, an E trap is a page fault that referenced an impossible page: the CPU tries to access an address that does not exist and can't be accessed. As page references are normally very carefully managed, the usual cause for this is bad (defective) RAM; scrambled bits point the CPU toward disaster and it blindly follows. Therefor, if you have a Trap E panic on a machine that otherwise has been running along for months or years, bad RAM is the most likely suspect. (If you have ECC memory, don't bother looking at it: it's not going to give you an E trap; see below.)
Understanding Termcap and Terminfo 
- Most Unix applications are written so that they can be run on different terminals. The "terminal" may be simply an emulator like Procomm or Tinyterm or IceTen running on a Windows machine, but the running program doesn't know that: if it has been told to use "vt100" emulation, it doesn't matter to it whether you are using Procomm, a Wyse 50 terminal set to VT100 mode, or a real DEC VT100 terminal: the program will expect certain specific capabilities and responses from the "terminal"