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January 2008

Not loving Mastercrd  by Anthony Lawrence
- I can't tell you the number of times my wife or I have hung up the phone and muttered "I HATE Mastercard!"
Analyzing web logs with grep  by Anthony Lawrence
- If you have a website, your logs are a great source of information. For complete, in depth analysis, you can't beat Google Analytics, but you can actually get a lot of quick and useful stats from the command line with just "grep"
Goals for 2008   by Anthony Lawrence
- >Ah, 2008. It seems like just yesterday that we all were wondering how we'd pronounce our years as the millennium changed. Would we say "twenty-oh-one" or "two thousand-one" or even "twenty-aught-one"? That all shook itself out, and soon we have another chance to change our minds:
Automatic Ping sites  by Anthony Lawrence
- There are a number of automatic ping sites that will notify other sites that you have updated your pages. If you don't have notification software built into your site, or if there are sites you want to notify that aren't supported by your software, these can be convenient.
Is there any hope left for SCO?   by Anthony Lawrence
- SCO's been delisted, customers are jumping ship, is there any hope? Probably not..
Ten stupid blog tricks   by Anthony Lawrence
- People who live in brick houses shouldn't run with blindfolds on, but I'm going to go out on a limb and criticize some of my blogging brethren.
Microsoft is so last year!   by Anthony Lawrence
- Are Microsoft's fortunes waning? Gosh, we hope so! A better world awaits without Microsoft.
Focus, Focus, Focus   by Anthony Lawrence
- Everybody says FOCUS, but I just can't - I'm interested in too many thing ('shiny object syndrome', I guess).
On your own   by Anthony Lawrence
- Who hasn't thought of working for themselves? I know quite a few who read here have more than thought it: they, like me, have actually done it and do run their own ship. If you are one who hasn't made that switch but still has the dream, I wish you luck and hope that you can join us soon.
Endpoint Security   by Michael Desrosiers
- Enforcing endpoint security to better protect and secure remote access to your infrastructure
Jack of All Trades   by Anthony Lawrence
- I need to be responsible for things that are important to me and this website is very important to me. I do not trust anyone else to maintain it.
Numly tags help protect your digital content   by Anthony Lawrence
- Numly can help protect your digital content by providing a third party verifiable time stamp that you create at the time you create your original content. You'll see the Numly barcode at the end of this post just above the copyright notice. If you click on that, you'll be taken to Numly where you can verify that this content really belongs to me.
Perl script to get Numly   by Anthony Lawrence
- Using Perl LWP to get Numly tags (I stopped using this sometime back but am leaving this code for others).
SuperBox Mark I   by Anthony Lawrence
- The mythical Superbox Mark I was not announced today: I had an exclusive opportunity to speak with Brian Casales, CEO of Gapple, Inc. about the heavily rumored upcoming "Superbox Mark I" that is supposed to shake our industry to its knees.
A SCO Medical Manager System Dies   by Anthony Lawrence
- While they were checking more reports, I talked with the owners about the foolishness of continuing with this system. I explained that SCO was in dire straights, might not last much longer, and that their old (3.2v5.0.5) OS wouldn't be able to be installed on modern hardware.. I strongly suggested that they see what Sage could offer for an upgrade.
Street Punks   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm still in favor of more video surveillance. I do not see a problem with it. As I've said before, it's no different than if a cop happened to be there.
New Comments Code   by Anthony Lawrence
- New comments code at aplawrence.com: Just a quick note: I've updated the "comments" code here to allow you to track new comments.
Reinstating Site Forum   by Anthony Lawrence
- You can use this for questions and articles. All submissions will be moderated before appearing on the site. If your post is inappropriate but not spam, you will get a response as long as you included your email. ANY POSTS TO THE FORUM WITHOUT A VALID EMAIL WILL BE REJECTED.
Why doesn't Technoratibot use RSS?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Technorati (and everyone else) should decide on a standard
Web Dummies   by Anthony Lawrence
- Why do so many companies avoid web technology? Why do so many insist upon postal mail when email would be immediate?
X Expertise (X Power Tools)   by Anthony Lawrence
- Excellent technical coverage of X Windows: The title of this book is X Power Tools" and that is very unfortunate because it could lead you to think it either describes a collection of X clients that the author thinks you cannot live without or is one of those overly enthusiastic, very fluffy, not very useful books that generally are found with similar titles. This isn't either of those.. as I've implied in my title (which is too cutesy also, I agree), this is jam packed with useful technical information about installing, configuring and using X.
Microsoft Windows Internals   by Anthony Lawrence
- As most readers here know, I'm no fan of Microsoft. However, Microsoft operating systems are a big part of today's computer world. While I may hope for change (and I really believe there will be change over the next decade), I can't afford to ignore Microsoft entirely. Hence this book. If you have been a casual Microsoft programmer, hacker or support person, this will give you the tools and knowledge to step up.
Save Windows XP   by Anthony Lawrence
- Yes, we should save Microsoft XP: A petition to save Windows XP has apparently now been "signed" by 12,000 people. The opinions generally are that Vista is junk, or it may not be junk but everyone needs more time (XP is currently scheduled for its swan dive on June 30, 2008), or Vista is a scam by Microsoft to make more money (hey - Microsoft does need money, doesn't it?).
There's something about a Muntz TV   by Anthony Lawrence
- OK, what's the boring old codger's point? Just this: this stuff is all part of history. This post, this website, every comment, is also. So is every other website, and just about all of it is being archived somewhere, but there's no guarantee of that. The Wayback Machine has crawled and stored two billion web pages, but as they say:
Empty the Trash   by Anthony Lawrence
- When I took the kitchen trash out to the garage this morning, I once again noticed two small green couch pillows sitting in the trash staging area.. at our house, that's where the plastic trash bags get filled up before they go to the barrel (conveniently located near the front of the garage so that it can be wheeled out on trash day)
Who sees the elephant?   by Anthony Lawrence
- For most businesses today, a website is very important. A good website can bring in a lot of business, and a bad website can cost you. A "good" website needs good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) good design, good content.. a lot to think about. Where does SEO leave off and Design start? Or vice versa, if you prefer. Where does Business Consulting fit in? What about Copywriting? Why I am asking these questions?
Twelve or more things I still want in Gmail   by Anthony Lawrence
- I wrote about this way back in February of 2006, and Google has added some of the things I wanted (like 'Undo"), but Gmail still lacks some things I think are important, so I'll bring it up yet again. Feel free to add anything on your wish list..
Oh, those kids   by Anthony Lawrence
- Our children have no skills. "O tempora! O mores!", lamented Cicero..
Geeks and Sports   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm looking forward to the Quaternaries in Vegas
A healthy percentage of techie types are uninterested in Sports -
Sometimes you should reinvent the wheel   by Anthony Lawrence
- It's an old adage: don't reinvent the wheel. Search Google for "reusable code" and you'll find hundreds of thousands of web posts and books extolling the virtues of both writing and using reusable code. Well, yeah, there are advantages .. Even if you feel you can write what you need, if there is nagging doubt that you really have dotted all the i's, maybe you should go get the code that has been time proven, right?
The upgrade that wasn't   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is a story about a vertical market application that was running on a SCO system. Yes, that SCO.. the one that's just about out of business now and, in the minds of many of us, are reaping just what they deserved. That SCO.
Windows inefficiency   by Anthony Lawrence
- Back in the fifties and sixties, an oft heard worry was that computers would displace people, that there would be massive layoffs as automation replaced humans. That doesn't seem to have happened. Computer adoption has caused shifts in wages but even when some blame is placed on computer adoption, studies seem quick to point out that other factors (like global outsourcing) are more significant.
Backup mistakes you might be making   by Anthony Lawrence
- Yesterday I found myself in a situation no one ever wants to be in: I needed to restore a file from a customer's backups, but could not because no backups existed. How did we get to this abominable condition? Through a series of mistakes and bad practices. Are you making any of these mistakes?
A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux   by Anthony Lawrence
- The arrival of Mark G. Sobell's "A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux" a few days ago prompted me to try living in Ubuntu for a day. I'm a Mac guy (or have been since OS X anyway), but that's because of Unix more than anything else, so I could just as easily use Linux as my daily OS.
The importance of good design   by Anthony Lawrence
- I see a lot of bloggers very worried about their blogs design. Most of them should be far more worried about content.
Using Multiple Submits with Perl CGI   by Anthony Lawrence
- I frequently use the Perl CGI.pm module for forms. While re-writing a local (in my office) app yesterday, I was reminded that you don't often see people using multiple submits on forms. There's no reason why you cannot, and it can add functionality. Consider the following (just an image, it's not functional):