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January 2007

Killer Robots   by Anthony Lawrence
- Intelligence isn't anything to fear: I was watching something on Discovery about "Ten Ways the World Will End". I only caught part of it, but number six or seven had us threatened by super-intelligent machines.
Background tasks - Why?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Running shell scripts in background: I started to write what I thought would be a more complete response, but quickly realized that there is an awful lot to cover, and some of it is pretty complicated. The new Unix user actually has a lot to learn about this.
Browser Security   by Michael Desrosiers
- Improving Browser Security: Scandoo is a free service from ScanSafe that delivers safer Internet searches. Acting as a virtual search detective, Scandoo adds an icon next to each resulting link so you can tell at a glance whether it leads to a good site, suspect site or a bad site. This site works for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Did TJX act properly?   by Michael Desrosiers
- Did TJX take appropriate steps after their data infrastructure was breached
Gambling and Government   by Anthony Lawrence
- The U.S. Government has recently made online money transfers to and from gambling sites illegal. There are three entirely separate forces driving that: one is the moralists who believe that gambling is evil, period, second are the people concerned about the problems of gambling addiction, and finally we have states who think they are losing money that should be spent at their own gambling venues.
SCO Timezone changes   by Anthony Lawrence
- Fixing DST for SCO and Linux, manually and otherwis.
Using sh -c with find   by Anthony Lawrence
- Using sh -c imbedded in find script. I'm sure everyone reading here has used "-exec" with "find"; for example:
Used Servers - Black, White or Gray Market?   by Corey Donovan - Vibrant Technologies
- Buying used server equpiment: In the field, the word "gray market" is typically thrown around with disregard for it's real meaning (product acquired from an overseas channel at lower prices than said product is provided in the local channel) in order to spread FUD. Some reps will even go as far as to refer to used IT hardware as "black market" or stolen/counterfeit equipment.