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January 2006

gcc vs. cc sco (SCO Unix)  by (various authors)
- Confusion because of SCO's multiple compiler options - installing gcc and expecting cc. Make sure any build process uses either all gnu stuff or all native stuff.
Background indexing   by Anthony Lawrence
- Proprietary DLL allows Windows exploit, could Mac's Spotlight be next?
Ray Kurzweil's Singularity   by Anthony Lawrence
- Current computers are simply refinements of technology that's actually quite old, and even the electronics that drives them is not particularly new. Growth in this area has been much slower than what Kurzweil paints, and although we may be dazzled by promises of quantum computers, in fact the entire technology is based on very crude underpinnings that hasn't really changed in many, many decades. The first electromagnetic switch was the precursor of all of this, and it has taken us a long, long time to get from there to here. Modern computers are simply rounder and more frictionless wheels, or oxygenated fire: tech refinement, not innovation.
Your address doesn't exist   by Anthony Lawrence
- Some computers don't like my new address: We've moved. We've notified the post office, and are sending out address change information to customers and friends. We've also tried changing our address on-line or by phone when possible.

Sometimes this was easy. Sometimes it wasn't. The worst was Cingular, which refused to change anything because, according to their computer, our new address doesn't exist. It's a new road, so it's not in their database yet. Their programmers apparently never anticipated this possibility, so the new address simply can't be entered. Let's hope that gets resolved before the Post Office forwarding expires.

Unexpected entries in Apache error_log   by Anthony Lawrence
- Entries in Apache error_log may be bad clients or corruption? For some time now I have noticed a large number of entries in my Apache error log. I looked at them briefly, but didn't have enough spare time to see why I was getting so many, so I just ignored this for many months.
Internet TV   by Anthony Lawrence
- Content on demand: It's plain that TV as we know it isn't going to last. Nobody likes the cable bundles (buy 30 channels you don't care about to get the one you do). Although a la carte channels are an improvement, nobody is going to like that either: what people really want is a la carte content, period. That may be what Google is planning to provide, and if they don't someone else (Microsoft?) surely will. The only real question is will this new media be subscription based or peppered with ads? Actually, there's no question there: both models will be used; it's just a matter of how much we're willing to pay and how many ads we'll put up with.
Copying Mac Resource Forks with Perl   by Karl Young
- We're working on a web install process, and have the problem that if we move a Mac executable to our Linux web server, we lose the resource fork unless we use Stuffit first.
Professional journalists and "facts"   by Anthony Lawrence
- No doubt blogging is a threat to professional journalists. There is also no doubt that blogs can be inaccurate, poorly researched, politically biased and even driven by mob rule.

Yeah? And just how is that different from professional journalism?
Drag's Guide to Debian variations   by Drag Sidious
- What Debian Linux distro is right for you?: This intended to help people choose 'what Debian is right for them' and provide for some sort of introduction. I don't represent Debian, I am not a lawyer, or anything like that. It's just a friendly fyi.
Religion and Open Source   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm not a fan of religion, but I would like to think that its positive effects at least cancel out the negative and damaging aspects. While fundamentalist religious teaching is, I believe, dangerous and detrimental to society, the loftier and less dogmatic beliefs can be force for desirable social change.
A door is less secure than a wall   by Anthony Lawrence
- Which security warnings are truly important? If there's no direct path from the router/firewall to the machine, it has no 'doors'.
Configuring Apache for Maximum Performance   by Vishnu Ram
- Apache server performance can be improved by adding additional hardware resources such as RAM, faster CPU etc.. But, most of the time, the same result can be achieved by custom configuration of the server. This article looks into getting maximum performance out of Apache with the existing hardware resources, specifically on the Linux systems.
Perl 'eval' for data validation   by Anthony Lawrence
- However, there's a big problem. What happens if you pass that script absolute garbage?
Steganography   by Michael Desrosiers
- Steganography which basically means covered writing, dates back to ancient Greece where common practice consisted of etching messages in wooden tablets. There are numerous steganographic methods that everyone is familiar with, ranging from invisible ink and Morse Code to a hidden message in the last letter of each word of a large body of text and spread across the full spectrum of a radio transmission. With computers and networks, there are many other ways of hiding information, such as:
ESP Print Pro   by Anthony Lawrence
- Easy Software's PrintPro looks like just a wrapper around Cups
Motorola V551 Cellular Phone   by Anthony Lawrence
- Yes, I kept my Nokia 7160 far longer than I should have. It was December 2005 when I finally bought this Motorola V551. I've had the Nokia for years and was reluctant to give it up because the darn thing worked no matter how many times I dropped it on concrete and because I had $400.00 hands free kits installed in both of our cars and none of the newer phones will fit those cradles.
Why don't we just legislate ourselves back to the Stone Age?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Stifling innovation with legislation: I would like to think that the proposed law mentioned at New Senate Broadcast Flag Bill Would Freeze Fair Use will immediately be recognized as idiotic and tossed out, but I'm not sure we can count on that: our politicians seem to love big business and are often willing to sacrifice just about anything to keep corporate money flowing steadily.
Bandwidth costs   by Anthony Lawrence
- Gosh, I'm confused. We've all read about the over-building of fiber networks and how buying up that excess capacity can be such a bargain. DSL prices are heading downward, and while cable hasn't followed yet, it probably will. And yet we have some providers acting as though bandwidth is scarce and trying to get companies like Google to share their costs:
A regulated Internet?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Do we need a regulated Internet?: I heard the author of Without a Net interviewed on my local NPR station, and I didn't like what I heard.
pls help me with segmentation  by anonymous
- I read the article about segmentation written by tony lawrence. i have a question to ask on this subject. suppose that we are in protected mode and we have entered 3 segment descriptors(1 for data, 1 for code, 1 for the stack). each has its own base and limit.
Hi-Ho Silver - Away!   by Anthony Lawrence
- I think it's important to establish who's in charge right away: sometimes foolish folks think they are, but that's so very wrong..
wacky keyboard  by anonymous
- My keyboard has suddenly decided to wack out; any keyboard I try does the same thing. I can use it in maintenance mode, but after a normal boot and login it returns strange characters. Any ideas?
Rare Xenix spotted in the wild   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm sure there are no breeding pairs left, but every now and then I hear of a Xenix machine still wheezing away in some small company.
Linux|Unix Patch Management   by Anthony Lawrence
- Handling patches on multiple Linux machines: When I first looked at this book, my reaction was more than a little unfavorable. Another rehash of man pages? Why would you need a book about "up2date" and "yum" etc.? Can't you read the man pages?
Credit Card Security   by Michael Desrosiers
- Safety of on-line credit card use: Most Internet users are on-line shoppers who pay by credit card and are concerned about credit card on-line security and identity theft. Every day brings more on-line customers, more on-line shops and unfortunately more hackers who want to steal credit card information. The latest breach comes to us via the State of Rhode Island's government web site, www.RI.gov:
Canonical names and Google   by Anthony Lawrence
- Most websites like this one have two very different types of visitors: the "regulars" and everyone else. The regulars are the folks who visit daily or weekly or even monthly. For this web site, that's a group of a few hundred people. Those are the people I write for. Everyone else comes from search engines.
Do I care about Technorati? Do you?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is Technorati really useful? We forgot that the world is full of lying scum who put out spam and other junk.
Tired and stressed   by Anthony Lawrence
- It seems that too many of us are stressed and over worked nowadays. Greedy employers demand more and more while offering less, and even those who would like to offer reasonable working conditions are themselves stressed by rising costs and increased competition, often from overseas where labor costs are far less. I could easily go into a rant on all of the governmental stupidity that encourages and increases these problems, but we'll leave that for some other time and place. This post is about dealing with stress and particularly so for those of us in the technical fields.
Installing APF Firewall for cPanel   by Smitha Soman
- Installation and configuration of APF Firewall for cPanel - basic and advanced.
Server Load - The Basics   by Sangeetha Naik
- Server load averages display in "w". In a *Nix variant, Server load can be calculated by the uptime or the w command.
Understanding SOA records   by Sangeetha Naik
- DNS and SOA records: An important part of keeping DNS working well is properly setting up the SOA records.