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January 2003

bootpd -->Re Syslog getting fat 
- It's a simple fix: if you aren't using bootp, disable it. If you aren't sure, you probavly don't need it.
Too many messages for Outlook Express 
- Recently one of my Mitel SME Server clients took two weeks off. When he returned, Outlook Express told him he had 23,000 messages waiting on the server! Unfortunately, Outlook Express couldn't bring any of those messages to his PC; it just hung.
Applescript in a nutshell 
- Applescript is Apples's scripting language. Although Mac OS X includes Perl, Python, Ruby and more, it also has Applescript. Right off the bat I might as well say it: I don't like Applescript very much. It's picky and arbitrary, and anything but user friendly. On the other hand, if you aren't trying to do too much with it, it is very useful for controlling Mac OS X applications, and you can always farm the harder parts out to Perl or whatever. Or vice versa: you can use "osascript" within shell scripts even.
Running Linux (4th Edition) 
- "Running Linux (Second Edition) " was published in 1996, and Linux has changed a lot since then. You don't (or shouldn't) need a lot of the excellent technical advice offered within, simply because Linux has evolved beyond the problems that made such advice necessary. Also, much of the advice that is still valid is old hat to folks familiar with other Unix versions such as SCO or Solaris. A person only familiar with Windows will get much more out of this than people already running a Unix OS.
Mac OS X Disaster Relief 
- The problem here is that a LOT of this book was written about early versions of Mac OS X
Mac OS X for Unix Geeks 
- Way out of date now - don't bother. This book lives up to its title. I would have wished it were a bit more than it is, but I can't complain too much: it is a quick introduction to Mac OS X for those of us already comfortable in the Unix world.
Tape Autoloader on 2.4 Linux  by Rob Fantini
- Rob Fantini explains how he got an autoloader tape unit working on RedHat Linux This info may not be clearly written, but shows what I did to get autoloaders working on 2.4 linux.
Sample Test Question Creation 
- This article covers how I create the sample tests. It involves a little bit of html, some Perl, some Applescript, and even making a Mac disk image.
Reading SCO tapes on Linux  by Rob Fantini
- This is the problem & a solution from the time I had to read some old SCO tapes on a Linux 2.4 system. I also ran into the same problem with tapes created on a 2.2 kernel linux. This might be useful for someone someday.