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January 1999

- Undoubtedly you have had some experience with Java by now. Many web sites are using Java for on-line stores or other features requiring more complex interaction than HTML can give.
Deception Toolkit 
- Whether or not this is a security tool is a matter of some argument. The premise of it is to provide misleading and incorrect information.
Netscape Communicator 4.0.8 
- I've been ignoring Netscape upgrades for a while. It's not that I was overly happy with the Netscape Navigator that I have been using; it's just that access to the net is critically important, and I didn't want to screw myself up by jumping too quickly.
Intel Netport Print Server 
- Hooking up old serial printers can be a pain as RS232 disappears from current desktops.
Winterm 5000 Terminal 
- This is a review of an ancient Wyse Winterm product and is only left here for historical purposes.
Unixware 7.0.1 
- UnixWare 7.0.1. My first install of 7.0.1 was actually 13 installs. This was a setup of a classroom for a SCO sponsored Unixware workshop.
Red Hat Linux as a PPP Server 
- A.P. Lawrence, Linux/Unix Consultant-Red Hat Linux PPPServer
Certification Resources 
- Not all of the material below is directly related to certification tests, but anything that tests your knowledge can be useful in preparing for exams. I think it's also fun just to self test, even without any intention of becoming certified.
SCO's ACE program 
- SCO's ACE certification program requires passing a series of tests to demonstrate proficiency in SCO operating systems and Unix in general. The exams aren't overly hard, but do require a solid base of knowledge and good preparation.
A.P. Lawrence Certifications 
- It seems to make some people more comfortable if they are hiring a "certified" person. It shouldn't: the tests are pretty meaningless.
Configuring a News Server  by Roberto Zini
- iGuide to install and configure an INN 2.0 news server