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February 2010

The Buzz about Buzz   by Anthony Lawrence
- There are already plenty of posts whose authors don't understand that - they think Buzz is a Twitter or Facebook clone. No - it's much more than that, but those people never understood Google Wave either, so they won't grok this.
Buzzkill   by Anthony Lawrence
- I see Google Buzz as being a wonderful tool for real conversations. Unfortunately, too many people are seeing it as yet another Twitter. Google has unfortunately helped create that bad impression by offering to republish Tweets in Buzz. That's a bad, bad idea: I've already shut that off in my account and I'd strongly advise everyone else to do the same ( though if you weren't misusing Twitter to begin with, this wouldn't have been as much of a problem as it is).
SCO 5.0.7V   by Anthony Lawrence
- Although many an old SCO box has been replaced by Linux or (shudder) Windows, many still chug along in server rooms across the country. Sometimes the server remains alive because of stubbornness, sometimes it is just rank ignorance, but more often it's simply that any replacement is economically difficult. The SCO server is kept alive because the company using it can't afford any alternative.
Hard Times   by Anthony Lawrence
- I know times are really tough for many people. Here in America, we have incredible opportunities to succeed, but our social safety net has a lot of big holes in it - you can fall right through to complete disaster. If you do fall, it can be very hard to move back up, but I fully believe that the best way upward for many of us is self employment.
New Mass. Data Security Laws   by Anthony Lawrence
- Massachusetts has a new data security law going into effect on March 1st, 2010. Frankly, it scares me. Here's the problem: most of my customers are in Massachusetts or do business with MA residents. Most of my customers are NOT in compliance with these new regulations and I am very concerned about my exposure to lawsuits if they are ever sued because of that.
Running old Linux apps on new Distros   by Anthony Lawrence
- I have a number of customers running older Linux apps. Sometimes they have source for the app, sometimes they don't. Sometimes the original app vendor still exists and is willing to be helpful, sometimes they are out of business or uninterested in the old app because they want to sell something newer
Facebook Poker   by Anthony Lawrence
- For the past week I've been playing Hold-em on Facebook. Let's make one thing perfectly clear immediately: this is nothing at all like playing poker with real money.