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February 2007

Security and Trust   by Michael Desrosiers
- Last month's data breach disclosure from retail giant TJX Companies, will have a far reaching impact on their branding for years to come. We still refer to the BJ's Warehouse data breach from 2 years ago and last year's ChoicePoint incident. One of the major lessons that must be learned from these breaches is the impact of security and privacy on brand reputation and customer loyalty. To back up the assumption that security can be a competitive advantage or detractor for a business, one should read the following study called "Secure the Trust of Your Brand".
The Effects of Career Goals on Students   by Claudia Garcez
- The value of studying the differences between students with career goals, and students without, will help us learn why students who set goals early have more self-confidence. The purpose of this paper is to analyze, compare, and interpret numerous research studies on the effects of career goals on students. I gathered my data from periodicals, and research studies. Although studies have different methods, modes, and measures, the results are almost unanimous that students, who are certain about their career choices, are more likely to be successful and self-confident than those who are uncertain.