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February 2006

New Dell machine kills server   by Anthony Lawrence
- A new machine kills an old server (network problem). Her email said the machine was getting an ip address, but just wasn't accessing network resources.
Win32.Nynex.e worm   by Michael Desrosiers
- A new worm called Win32.Nynex.e is spreading on the Internet that could make life difficult on February 3rd. That is when the file-corrupting payload embedded in it, is set to go off for the first time.
Click Fraud and Bots   by Anthony Lawrence
- Pay per click advertising has changed the texture of the internet. Compromised machines defraud advertisers.
All I want for Xmas is for Google to..Gmail   by Anthony Lawrence
- Things I wish Google would do in Gmail: Google has become a big part of my daily life: Gmail, Google search, Google News, Google Adsense and Google Adwords are daily usage for me. Other tools like Google Earth don't get used daily, but are certainly part of the empire Google is building on my desktop.
Openserver 5.0.5 and gigabit controllers  by bosco555
- does o.s 5.0.5 support gigabit? "support"? Sure, why not? But does it have drivers for the unmentioned card you want to use? Who knows? Look at ftp://ftp.sco.com/pub/drivers/ and check with the manufacturer. If you can find a driver, great. If not, you are out of luck, though it's quite possible that a driver listed as 5.0.6 *might* work on your older version.
All I want for Xmas is for Google to..Adsense   by Anthony Lawrence
- Things I wish Google would do in Adsense: I started this wish-list with Gmail, but Adsense is actually a bigger itch for me. Unfortunately, while many of these features and changes would be reasonable in a perfect world, Google may not be implementing any of them soon because they don't want to make things any easier for the cheats and crooks who are constantly bedeviling them with click fraud. Therefor, my very first wish for Adsense is that they stop paying per click and only offer impression based advertising.
Google and China   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google censoring for China: I'm sure you have read about Google agreeing to censor search results for Chinese users.
Gravee Search Engine   by Anthony Lawrence
- Gravee offers to share with content providers - I doubt they'll last very long, but they do have good ideas.
Welcome to Unix   by Anthony Lawrence
- So you want to be a Unix or Linux geek? That's great news, because frankly we need new blood. In the old days, while we were riding high and Windows was a puny little joke, we'd sneer at supplicants like you and respond to any question with "RTFM!". We'd then snicker and wink at each other knowingly.
Getting your pages indexed   by Anthony Lawrence
- Getting search engines to index your pages is more about your frequency than anything else.
Misunderstanding Security   by Anthony Lawrence
- Security is more than protecting files today. Malware that is simply interested in deleting files is rather rare today - bot use or key logging is more likely.
100% CPU Load   by Anthony Lawrence
100% CPU Load   by Anthony Lawrence
- Getty processes accumulating too much cpu time: run two "ps -e"'s, waiting about 10 seconds between, and redirecting them to different files.
Understanding htaccess   by Sangeetha Naik
- Using htaccess in apache webserver, password protecting them, denying access, error handlers, redirects and more
A ps problem with BBX   by Anthony Lawrence
- The actual problem related to BBX. Apparently this gets run with very long command lines, but the part this person wanted to know about is at the end of the line - way out of the 80 character limit ps has here.
How shells call other programs   by Anthony Lawrence
- Kernel exec vs. shell interpretation: The implication is that the shell reads the command and decides what to do. It's actually the kernel that makes a lot of the decisions.
The Limits of Security   by Anthony Lawrence
- Some things just can't be easily protected against
Go Fish: The Friendly Interactive Shell   by Anthony Lawrence
- I think about changing shells about as often as I think about shaving my head and joining a religious cult: it just isn't going to happen. If it does happen, check my head for large bumps and demand positive identification: you may be talking to an imposter or I may have suffered a head injury.
What's a web page worth?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Advertising value of web pages? If I average out ALL pages, it's about $1.00 per page per year. Good thing I have a lot of pages, isn't it?
The value of Google Analytics   by Anthony Lawrence
- It is certainly true that Analytics does nothing that I couldn't do myself, though would require more disk space and processing power than I want to give it.
My ideal ad network   by Anthony Lawrence
- My wish list for a meta ad network, features I wish Adsense or others offered.
Linux|Unix on Intel Macs   by Anthony Lawrence
- It is an interesting thought, but not very likely for the obvious reasons: tremendous investment in the current OS, the cost of development, and the resulting "me-too" OS. Maybe Apple could make a better Linux than anyone else has so far, but so what? How would that help Apple?
Free VMware server   by Anthony Lawrence
- That's simply tremendous news, though I'm surprised by how many people I talk to who don't understand why this is so important.
Web Hosting Niche - Email Hosting   by Sangeetha Naik
- Email hosting is different from mainstream web hosting accounts that 'also' provide email along with webspace, database, ftp and other services.
The power of custom   by Anthony Lawrence
- What you are accustomed to matters for Operating System choice
Lorum Ipsum Dolor   by Anthony Lawrence
- Religious debates on Linux vs. Windows: I think many of the Windows proponents missed the point entirely and don't understand why I said that they don't really "use" their computers. One person insisted that browsing the web or reading email is "using", but that is very nearly passive activity, not much different than watching television. When you really use a computer, you are making use of its *computing* abilities. Many Windows users would be quite happy with a TV that could browse and send email, but most Linux/Unix folks would consider that a toy.
Wicked Cool Perl Scripts   by Anthony Lawrence
- Bah, humbug. Well, maybe not that bad. Actually, not "bad" at all: I have no real complaints about this book, but I didn't like it and can't imagine handing it to anyone with a hearty "Here, read this, you'll love it".
Autodidacts and computers   by Anthony Lawrence
- Will autodidacts survive?: The computer field is full of high school and college drop-outs. Or at least it was: Wikipedia feels the need to distinguish between noteworthy college dropouts and their high school brethren but doesn't begin to cover the subject (simply because most of the computer folks aren't famous). However, a Google search for "autodidact programmer" or "dropout programmer" turns up a lot of evidence that many programmers disliked traditional educational systems.
Visitor retention time   by Anthony Lawrence
- How long do visitors stay at your pages? Measuring that isn't entirely accurate - and especially so since tabbed browsers!
SCO openserver 5.0.5 issues with gcc compiling  by anonymous
- I've searched the forum and articles and have yet to fine a similar post/article to my current dilema. I seem to have an incomplete install of gcc. I have installed the most recent gcc via the skunkware VOLs. My intention is to get rsync compiled. I was able to grab some binaries for rsync, but I am missing libsocket.so.2 , which I have not been able to get installed. I updated automake and the other utilities.
A cure for click fraud?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Cure click fraud with Analytics goals? It should be possible with an advertiser reputation system based on Analytics goal completion.
Did Microsoft have its hand in the cookie jar? 
- Was Microsoft supporting SCO's Linux lawsuit in order to feather its own nest? Now certainly that's something hard not to believe, but I've always felt that it was just a "lucky find" for Microsoft: there's SCO making trouble, and heck, we could throw some money their way for "licenses" (wink, wink) and what the heck - can't hurt, it's chump change, and it might help.
VMware's threat to Microsoft   by Anthony Lawrence
- VMware is threatening Microsoft on several fronts: First off, I'm not suggesting VMware is gunning for Microsoft. However, recent developments in their product line aren't exactly favorable to Microsoft.
Simple Schedule   by Anthony Lawrence
- I often get asked for web-based scheduling programs. I've done quite a few of them over the years, sometimes using scripts available from the web, but more often writing my own simply because I don't like modifying other people's code.
GWT (Global Warming Temperature)   by Anthony Lawrence
- A solution for the global warming controversy: At lunch today my sister and I discussed various geekish subjects include VMware, Progress database semaphore usage, and customers who do amazingly stupid things like backing up their databases to the very same hard drive their application runs on.
Why you need a true secondary DNS server   by Bruce Garlock
- Some people may wonder why secondary MX records, or DNS servers are necessary, and until you have had an equipment failure, or outage, you might still be wondering. Most shared hosting out there will give you DNS servers (primary and secondary) since your registrar requires this.
grep in depth   by Anthony Lawrence
- Exploring grep's options. I love reading manual pages, especially for commands I use every day. I'm always discovering things I've forgotten and sometimes find new features that arrived while I wasn't paying attention. For some reason, I hadn't looked at 'grep' in quite a while. That's probably because my ordinary use is trivial, and I tend to use Perl for more complex needs. However, modern GNU grep has many options that may be unexpected for old Unix hands.
CPIO error 27 - File too large  by anonymous
- nfs limits: When I do a backup "find / -o -print | cpio -ocv -O /file_system_in_AIX" in a NFS mounted on AIX system appears the error:
Bootstrapping your Linux Machine   by Prasad P M
- Booting the computer. Though we use it casually in our daily life, have you ever thought of what exactly it is ?
Should 'halt' call 'shutdown'?   by Anthony Lawrence
- As mentioned briefly in the comments section of Bootstrapping your Linux Machine, recent Linux systems have added a convenience feature to the 'halt' and 'reboot' commands: they actually call 'shutdown' if the system isn't in init state 0 or 6.
Keep in touch (tcp keepalives etc.)   by Anthony Lawrence
- You can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself..(Ricky Nelson)
I don't imagine Ricky Nelson was thinking about tcp timeouts and keepalives in the 70's, and probably isn't still, but the subject comes up fairly often for me and never fails to be annoying.
Translators wanted   by Anthony Lawrence
- We get a fair amount of visitors from all around the world. Most are from English speaking countries, but there are a fair amount of you from other places, and I'd love to be able to offer you at least some of these articles in other languages.
Maximun number of socket connections  by anonymous
- Something that must be considered while tinkering with STREAMS settings is that the memory allocated to them is in kernel space and is thus not swappable. He didn't indicate how much memory is in the machine. I'd recommend at least 512 MB to assure that the system doesn't start paging during periods of intense network activity. If this were to happen the system would drastically slow down. Memory is like money and good sex: there's no such thing as too much!
What causes a Segmentation fault?   by Anthony Lawrence
- You just saw "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" or a message like "Unexpected Signal 11 ". Why? Short answer: it's most likely hardware unless you wrote the program or just now installed it on your machine.