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February 2003

- I played around a bit with SpamAssassin yesterday. It's had a lot of press as being the best spam catcher to date, but I'm yet to be convinced that I need or even want spam filtering anyway.
Moving toward a CMS  
- Let's give it a try: I had a nasty fall two weeks ago and hurt my hip badly. Couldn't stand up at all for two days; crutches for two days after that, and limped pretty heavily for another few. I was feeling pretty good until the blizzard last week, but shoveling out of that aggravated things..1
Early Mac OS X 
- Performance limitations of early (2003) Mac Ibook - was probably due to lack of ram more than anything else
- Start Here: General Installation advice for Unix and Linux operating systems.
Most Frequently Asked Questions 
- These are the more commonly needed SCO FAQS. The Full FAQ has many, many more entries so do look there too.
- Compared to Windows, the world of Unix backup is extraordinarily rich. You have many tools available, from basic to quite complex and extensive. Just knowing what tool to use is a challenge in itself.
- If you are coming from the Windows world, you are probably bewildered by the multiple kinds of printing schemes in Unix. There's lpd, System V, direct to port, smb, CUPS, LPRng and weird stuff that uses ftp, and probably more. Worse, there is no such thing as a printer driver in the same sense as you have in Windows.
Halting the Hacker 
- This isn't a heavily technical book. Unlike many of the other security books I've reviewed, this isn't full of tcpdump traces and the like. It is, however, a really excellent overview of security that can introduce a system administrator or a general manager to the subject.
Learning Unix for Mac OS X 
- This is a pleasant introduction to Unix that someone just starting out with Mac OS X will find very useful. Don't bother with this if you are already experienced with Unix or Linux, but if you've never been at a Unix command line in your life, this is a good place to start.
Notify Cell Phone of Incoming Mail 
- Notify Cell Phone of Incoming Mail using "dash" addresses and a bit of Perl scripting.
Understanding the Unix Kernel 
- I didn't like the first edition of this book, and I still don't like the current edition, though I admit I'm having a hard time understanding why.