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February 2002

Silver OpenServer -> UnixWare Upgrade Notes.   by Peter Dick
- These two operating systems are very similar and the vast majority of commands are exactly the same.
Creating Simple Logs With Perl and HTML 
- There are often situations where you just need a simple log. Here I wrote a very simple HTML Perl log creator. Be sure to enter lengths for the fields. This is only used as
Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book 
- This is a jumbled and disorganized pile of stuff. The "stuff" isn't necessarily bad stuff, but it's a mess of registry hacks, Kixstart and WSH scripts, shareware utiliies and DOS batch files all piled together with very little coherence.
Using sudo 
- Most systems have some way of letting ordinary users perform certain tasks as root or some other privileged user. SCO Open Server has "asroot" and can also directly assign "authorizations" such as backup privileges or being able to change other user's passwords. SCO Unixware/Open Unix 8 have a similar facility in "tfadmin".