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February 2001

Hard Disks 
- The most common hard drives today are IDE or SCSI. IDE drives are generally less expensive (though not by much) and generally not as fast (again, not by much). IDE systems are limited to two drives per controller, which means that you probably cannot have more than 4 IDE drives in one system. With SCSI, you can have 15 (or 7 with older controllers).
Installing SCO OSR5.0.6 
- Installing and configuring SCO 3.2v5.0.6: First order of business was to install the 29160 controller. Ooops, no 64 bit PCI slots in this machine. Hmm, what was I thinking? Oh, yeah, I was planning to use another, newer machine that does have those slots. But since then, that machine has become the machine my wife uses. See what happens when you delay these things?
Network Programming with Perl 
- I like the way Lincoln Stein writes. This isn't just a great book about network programming with Perl; it's also a pretty good introduction to network programming in general.
Core PHP Programming 
- I should have paid more attention to my son in law. Several years ago, he mentioned that he really liked PHP. Unfortunately, my mind was engaged with other things at the time, so I filed that comment away under "probably ought to look into this someday". That was a mistake.
Understanding the Linux Kernel 
- Once again, I'm disappointed by a Linux Kernel book. Are there any good ones at all? I'm in the minority here: Amazon loves it, all the reviewers sing its praises, so it must be only me who finds it confusing, incomplete, and annoying.
Adding a Hard Drive to Linux  by Dirk Hart
- Quick reminder of how to manually configure a second IDE hard drive on most Linux systems.
Basic Scripting 
- Scripting at its simplest is telling the computer what you want it to do by putting the commands you want to use into a file and running that file instead of typing the commands.
Monitoring Windows NT with Unix syslog  by Rainer Gerhards
- Setting Windows logging to use a central Unix syslog server to consolidate logs.
Netgear PrintServer PS110  by Rob Fantini
- Although it is usually easy enough to find a Windows PC to configure these with, it isn't absolutely necessary. You can assign an IP address using arp (the MAC address is printed on the bottom of the unit) and then ftp to it, using the "Device name" printed on the unit as the login name, "get config", edit that and then put it back. A final "get RESET" will cause the PS110 to read the new config file.
Squid Log Analyzer 
- Analyzing squid logs Many business owners worry that their employees will fritter It's that monitoring that we are going to look at here. Squid There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Squid log file analyzers