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February 2000

1023 cylinder boot old SCO Unix  by (newsgroup post)
- Since then, it's changed; SCO Unix now uses a separate boot filesystem, so that you don't have to fit the whole root filesystem under the 1024-cylinder limit. But the general idea is the same: you have to fit _something_ within those first 1024 cylinders.
I am not a railroad 
- A recent (February 2000) article by Forbes Magazine compares the Internet "revolution" to technology revolutions of the past: railroads, telephones, radio. All of these innovations followed the same general path of great excitement, great fortunes, dozens or even hundreds of small companies springing up with soaring stock prices, and always the great shakeout came where the big companies took over, consolidating smaller companies markets and settling down to stability. Along the way, of course, fortunes were made and lost, companies melded into larger corporations or just withered away and died. Traditional "big business" always wins eventually, sanity is restored to the stock market, and we all stand around like good little drones waiting for the next 7 day wonder.
Unixware 7 Non Stop Clusters 
- That isn't true, not even if we ignore the system overhead of splitting the job off to another processor.
Majordomo  by Kit Haskins
- Majordomo is a set of perl scripts that manage mailing lists. Keep in mind that Majordomo itself does not send the mail, your MTA (mail transport agent) does.
IPFILTER Firewalls for SCO_OSR5 
- Using and configuring ipfilter on old SCO Unix. They added this in SCO 5.0.6, it is just a port of the BSD code.
Windows Network Configuration 
- This is an old article about Windows Network Configuration and is only left here for historical purposes.
DSL and Cable Modem Security with SSH 
- An old article about securing ancient SCO Unix when the Internet access is through DSL.