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December 2010

Quick and simple web log grepper in Perl   by Anthony Lawrence
- I often want quick answers to very simple questions. How many pageviews and unique visitors were there for a certain page this month or yesterday? Sure, Google Analytics can tell me that, though that won't count visitors with Javascript disabled and sometimes misses even then. More importantly, if I don't already have it open, it takes several steps to get what I want.
Micropad to kill iPad?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Realistically, Microsoft needs something far more than an iPad killer. They'd need an Android killer, which means a far less expensive machine and that means cheapening up. Given that, my expectation would be a junky machine running Windows 7 (although there are rumors of Windows 8) with a lousy battery life, hardware reliability issues, and of course, just as prone to viruses and malware as Windows 7.