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December 2008

California Proposition 8   by Anthony Lawrence
- This has nothing to do with computers, Unix. Linux, or OS X. If someone else submitted it to me for publication here, I'd politely reject it because it's completely off topic. However: this is MY soapbox and I am outraged.
Wassup?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Get this: he has two USB sticks because he realizes one might fail. I wish some of my real customers were that smart!
When did taxes become a dirty word?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is this the world you want? Crumbling bridges and roads, inferior schools, mentally unstable people wandering the streets?
How I quit smoking   by Anthony Lawrence
- I hate to see young people smoking. Well, I hate seeing anyone smoking but the less time you've been doing it the easier it is to quit, so young people bother me the most. I want them to get free of that awful habit before it hooks them harder.
Terminal Server Install   by Anthony Lawrence
- Yesterday I went back to finish up the Terminal Server install that I started a month ago. Don't ask me what took so long; I have no clue.
Creating E-Books with Open Office   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've been using Open Office to create my two (so far!) e-books. My first attempts lacked some fairly important elements like a Table of Contents and an Index. Of course Open Office can be helpful in creating these, but it's still quite a bit of work, so my first efforts are a bit crude and clumsy.
Lego Mindstorms NXT One-Kit Wonders   by Anthony Lawrence
- Lego Mindstorms NXT One-Kit Wonders is an expensive toy or an inexpensive robotics kit - however you want to see it.
Fifty is nifty but twenty is plenty   by Anthony Lawrence
- It was 1986 when I realized that I was working far too hard. I had been billing forty hours a week, week after week for months. Of course I had plenty of other work to do beyond those billable hours: research, prep time, invoicing, prospecting.. oh, yeah: and a very small amount of family time and sleep.
Why defrag Windows XP Desktops?   by Anthony Lawrence
- People argue about whether you need to bother with defragging Linux and Mac OS X drives. A very few people even bother to argue about defragmentation of Windows machines. It's just a given - the machine is slow, defrag it. Case closed.
Are we there yet? Life and Business Goals   by Anthony Lawrence
- I know what my goals are. I don't mean the little things like getting the house ready for guests or working on that website reorganization. No, I mean the big stuff: the happiness stuff, the self-satisfaction, fullfillment stuff. The Big Goals. I know what mine are. I know who I want to be as well as what I want to be.
Starting your first commerce web site   by Anthony Lawrence
- Today I had a long conversation with someone who was here to clean my floors. Cleaning floors is a part time business for him, but what he'd really like to do is sell products on the web. I hear that all the time. Most people don't have even the vaguest idea of what to sell, but this guy actually has a product: a unique line of Christian oriented bumper stickers that he creates himself. He also has ideas for other products in the same vein.
Responsibility and Honesty- watch your back!   by Anthony Lawrence
- I didn't like the Exchange transplant. Not because of lost income - the Kerio is worth about $72.00 in yearly profit to me - but because Exchange is a horrible, clunky, insecure and EXPENSIVE product. I made my objections known, but they went with the new guys advice. OK. I'll take care of the Unix stuff and leave that alone.
Drive by automatic downloads   by Michael Desrosiers
- Drive-by downloads infect existing websites or create new websites, and trick users into visiting them. Upon landing on the fraudulent site, hackers slip malicious software onto the PC through a browser flaw.
'makekey' for Linux   by Steggy
- Apparently there was also (and may still be somewhere) a command line "crypt" that I could have "front-ended" for my needs, but it doesn't exist on my system. As there really isn't much to this, I just went ahead and wrote what I needed.
Do you absolutely need Anti-Virus (even on Windows)?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Forget about OS X and Linux. I'm talking Windows here. Obviously the Internet is saturated (as in dripping) with Windows malware and virii. I couldn't possibly be suggesting that any sane person would run without A/V software installed, could I?
Why are you following me?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Twitter remains a puzzle to me.

As I said at Tweet-tweet, playing the Twitter game, I just started using Twitter as another way to put some variety into the sidebar. I didn't expect many "followers".
Blog Promotion Techniques   by Anthony Lawrence
- You probably know all the obvious blog promotion techniques: commenting on other blogs, giving away E-Books, running contests, press releases, networking, PPC (pay per click) campaigns.. did I forget anything?
Fear of Programming   by Anthony Lawrence
- "I'm not a programmer". I understand. You just want to write your blog, you don't want to get into the mechanics. A lot of you don't even want to know anything about HTML and CSS, right?
Review: Bait and Switch   by Anthony Lawrence
- Barbara Ehrenreich set out to write a book about working in corporate America. This would have been a logical progression from her previous 'Nickel and Dimed', which was about the horrible conditions of America's working poor and the exploitation of them by business. Barbara expected to report on the difficulties of white collar workers; the over demanding bosses, the long hours of unpaid work and so on. Instead she found herself unable to get a job at all, so the book is actually about the numb horror of the white collar unemployed.
The Internet isn't done with us yet   by Anthony Lawrence
- Not that newspapers and news magazines are not going to die. Of course they are, and most richly deserve their fate. Given that, it's obvious that people like that "This Week" guest will lose their jobs and should be reading Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream to learn more about what they'll soon be experiencing. That many of them also deserve that fate is perhaps a bit cruel, but it contains a lot of truth just the same.
Unix and Linux Troubleshooting E-Book   by Anthony Lawrence
- I have been wanting to do this book for a long time. This is NOT a list of common problems you'd run into on Unix and Linux systems. What would be the point of that? You can look up specific problems on Google for free - why would you need to pay for a book?
Linux clipboard utilities lead to frustration and defeat   by Anthony Lawrence
- This MIGHT be simple to fix. I MIGHT be giving up too easily. I looked for "gtk" in the package manager and found that I could install that. Unfortunately, it only seems to have gtk+ version 1.2.10 and both Parcellite and Glipper want 2.0 or better. I can see where this is going: I'll go find gtk+ 2.whatever, and then it will need some other obscure library.. no thanks, I'll try something else.
RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Failure   by Anthony Lawrence
- No serial ports in this puppy. That's typical today - everything is USB. No big deal: you can buy USB to serial converters and you can still buy PCI serial cards. I told my customer (the reseller) what he needed and left.
VMware Networks, Bridged vs. Nat vs. Host   by Anthony Lawrence
- By default, VMware works in "bridged" mode - you use the card by attaching a virtual network device to it, but you put a free address on the Windows virtual card - say 1.5 or 1.6. That's why Windows couldn't talk to 1.4 or 1.3, it had to go through eth0 to do that. So Windows at 1.4 is trying to pass packets through the host that is also using 1.4. Frankly, I'm surprised it could talk to any other IP on the 192.168.1 network. Of course for those, it didn't have to pass through the host's 1.4 NIC, but still I expected that the IP conflict would have confused things.