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December 2007

Equal height CSS columns with filler text   by Anthony Lawrence
- If you search for "column alignment" or "css columns", you'll probably eventually end up at "In search of the One True Layout" at positioniseverything.n et. That's great stuff, but it is not what I wanted.
When are you going to upgrade that Browser?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Too many old browsers make for security breeches and IE users generally are more careless about upgrading.
Social Media - am I just "antisocial"?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Really, what is the point of all these social media sites?
Eliminate 404 errors for title_files   by Anthony Lawrence
- For a long, long time now I've been seeing strange 404 errors in my logs and I simply could not imagine what was causing them. The symptoms were always the same: someone would read a page, and then they'd try to read a page that was constructed from the page title (the text actually between the tags).
Google's new Chart API spiffs up your web pages   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google has released an easy to use API that creates charts and lets you very easily imbed them in your web pages. For example, here's a chart that shows recent browser usage for visitors to this site:
Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide   by Anthony Lawrence
- I wanted to like this, I really did. It's just.. well, it's just that there's almost nothing here that you wouldn't find in the stuff packed with your Apple computer.
Microsoft and Linux   by Anthony Lawrence
- What is Microsoft planning?: We've all heard Microsoft's sabre rattling about copyright and patent violations. For the most part, I haven't changed my mind about any of this: it worries me a little, but on the other hand there's just too much momentum behind Linux. It's possible that Microsoft could damage commercial Linux, but they risk a backlash that they really can't afford right now.
Alexa Toolbar for Firefox   by Anthony Lawrence
- I downloaded it because I do like to see how sites rank in Alexa, and also just because I want to keep supporting their stat gathering.
Selling out - What do you really want?   by Anthony Lawrence
- If Woz and Steve (oh, yeah, we're on a first name basis) had managed to convince Commodore to hire them, it's anyone's guess what I'd be using as a computer now, but you can pretty well guarantee that neither you nor I would have any clue who Jobs and Wozniak are. They might have made a few bucks, but it's unlikely they'd have what they made from Apple..
Dual printing   by Anthony Lawrence
- Multiplexed printing is missing from all Unix/Linux printing systems that I know of. If you want to print to printer "Main" and have the output appear on two different physical printers, there's no way to specify that when creating "Main". I don't mean printer classes, where you want "Main" to pick an available printer from a pool. I mean where you want one print command to appear on two or more physical devices.
Surveys  by Anthony Lawrence
- Survey questions at aplawrence.com: What is your involvement in IT?
Surveys  by Anthony Lawrence
- Survey questions at aplawrence.com: What hardware do you recommend?
Surveys  by Anthony Lawrence
- Survey questions at aplawrence.com: When a friend asks you about buying a new computer, what do you recommend?
Surveys  by Anthony Lawrence
- Survey questions at aplawrence.com: How can we make this site more useful to you?
Surveys  by Anthony Lawrence
- RSS readers: if your reader is not displaying the surveys, please visit our site to vote.
Surveys  by Anthony Lawrence
- RSS readers: if your reader is not displaying the surveys, please visit our site to vote.
How little it takes to influence Alexa   by Anthony Lawrence
- I suspected that Alexa statistics are based on a very small sampling of traffic - I don't think many people use the Alexa toolbar.
Surveys with Google Graphs   by Anthony Lawrence
- Using Google Graphs to display Survey Results including a simplified version of the code here with comments.
Adsdaq Ad Network   by Anthony Lawrence
- Adsdaq offers good opportunity for publishers by letting us set our own CPM price
OpenID - another single identity idea   by Anthony Lawrence
- Single ID for many websites - the problem I have is that it is single point of failure.
Tell me what you want..   by Anthony Lawrence
- Don't ask 'can it?' - tell me what your ideal result is - give me the goal and let me decide on the possible technology that can provide that.
Power failure changes my habits   by Anthony Lawrence
- I need to be more careful in editing scripts - a power failure catches me at exactly the wrong time!
Writing a Twitter getter Widget   by Anthony Lawrence
- I did not like the Twitter Widget, so I wrote my own. I didn't like that either, but maybe you will.
"Implementation Patterns"   by Anthony Lawrence
- The premise of this book is that good code matters because it reduces maintenance costs and because the author says he doesn't want to waste time on work he's not proud of.
Filepro spaghetti   by Anthony Lawrence
- However: the downside of Filepro was its weak programming language. When I first used it (1983, beta version on Tandy Xenix) it didn't even have gosub and it had severe problems with floating point numbers..and although it did get better and more powerful, its "if:then" base and extremely limited namespace for variables made for a lot of difficult and confused code. Some folks would even have worse to say, and I would not disagree.
Maccy Xmas and hope you have some time off   by Anthony Lawrence
- A procmail recipe for vacation management that is a bit smarter than your average bear - or vacation responder.
Speed up your site   by Anthony Lawrence
- I liked the point that was made in this books foreword: if you don't think site speed matters, put in some code that artificially delays loading your pages for ten seconds - and report back in a week..
10 Reasons you need Vista   by Anthony Lawrence
- Obviously you need Vista, and now is the time to buy! Don't pay attention to those Mac and Linux fools.. get Vista today! Here are ten reasons to help justify your purchase:
The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm a bit rabid on the subject of virtualization in general; I think it is going to be the best thing since sliced bread and window screens, and of course since I am also predisposed to open source and convinced that it is also more important than anything else that has ever happened in the computing industry, well, how could I not want to read this?
How I cheat my way to success   by Anthony Lawrence
- Gaining blogging sucess by publishing quantity and frequency to make Google notice you. I'm not advocating publishing junk just for the sake of building volume, though I suspect that you could do that and actually do just as well as I have - maybe better
One Smart Rabbit   by Anthony Lawrence
- wired communication device is definitely early AI interface
A setback for AI?   by Anthony Lawrence
- extreme power of single brain cells indicates artificial intelligence may be farther away
The Missing Manual: Mac OSX Leopard Edition   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was impressed by how much I learned in just the first hundred pages or so - and I don't mean "that's cute but I'd never use it" but useful, "yes, I need to remember that!" stuff. The rest of the book didn't disappoint either. I can't say that I learned something in every chapter, but I never stopped picking things up throughout.
Random errors in Perl   by Anthony Lawrence
- Don't make this programming mistake in Perl or any other language.
But I'm not a programmer!   by Anthony Lawrence
- A recent email said: "I enjoy your site for the Blogging and Self Employment articles, but I am not a programmer so all of that goes right over my head." I disagree. You are a programmer.
Router down   by Anthony Lawrence
- It started with doing some reprogramming of a Fortinet WiFi router. Normally I don't like to see WiFi in a business environment, and if it must be there, I like to see it locked down very securely: access by pre-approved MAC address only if possible, and if not, limited to very little access - maybe just Internet for the convenience of visitors but darn little else. But that's me: some businesses have reasons for allowing more, and that was the case here.
Master of All   by Anthony Lawrence
- 'I have people for that', you say. Really? Do you have people fill your gas tank? If you are really that successful , you can go somewhere else now.
Perl 5.10   by Anthony Lawrence
- Perl 5.10 introduces new features and fixes things that have bitten me
Technorati Revisited   by Anthony Lawrence
- Technorati has improved but I still find it less than perfect
More thoughts on the Google Slap, no follow and a Slap Back   by Anthony Lawrence
- The google slap killed page rank for many sites - what if they slapped back? Would it matter to Google?