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December 2000

Bill Vermillion's Tape Articles-Intro- Magnetism and Electrons  by Bill Vermillion
- To make sure that everyone has the level of knowledge to understand this, I'll start by explaining the basic fundamental concepts that relate to this technology.
Bill Vermillion's Tape Articles-Part 2, Recording and Playback Heads  by Bill Vermillion
- A recording head is a horseshoe magnet taken to the extreme. The difference is that the open end of a recording head is extremely small. The easiest way to understand a very basic recording head is take a ring of metal, and cut a very small slot through it. Then we wrap some turns of wire around this ring on the side opposite the slot. Connect the wire it to an electron source, we will have a magnet with the magnetic field focused at that very small gap opposite the coil of wire.
Bill Vermillion's Tape Articles-Part 3, Storage Media  by Bill Vermillion
- Tape Articles- Storage Media: This is the third installment of a series on magnetic devices and media used in computer systems. In this article we will look at the storage media, primarily tape and disk, and how signals are represented on that media. To better understand this I will compare the differences in audio tape, as most people are most familiar with that, and digital tape.
- A multi-user OS has to manage memory. Not only do we usually have less physical memory available than the processor could actually handle, but we need to protect parts of that memory from processes running in other parts.